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Apache Impala Course And Certification

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What is Apache Impala? 

Apache Impala is a native analytic database for Apache Hadoop. Its planning target at a high quality, high performance and low latency analytics queries to be done on data stored in Apache Hadoop file.

Advantages of Apache Impala: 

1. Apache Impala is a massively distributed C++ and Java querying engine which allows analysis, transformation and combination of data from various sources.

2. Apache Impala makes use of all file format, data format and metadata, resource management used by Apache Hadoop deployment. 

3. Apache Impala also integrates with Apache Hive database to share database and database tables with both components.

4. Apache Impala aims at creating more opportunities for both SQL queries and BI application users to interact with more data through the same repository and metadata store from source through analysis.

5. Apache Impala provides a high performance SQL engine that makes way for fast access to that stored in Apache Hadoop file system.

6. Unlike other traditional analytics database, Apache Impala combines SQL support and multi user performance with the flexibility and scalability of Hadoop, it does this by using HBase, Matastore, HDFS, and YARN which are standard components.

7. Apache Impala architecture implements a distributed architecture based on Daemon process, this is responsible for all its query execution that runs on the same machines. 

8. Apache Impala grants you the opportunity to access data stored in CDH without having Java skills, and allows you to integrate existing CDH ecosystem.

9. When it comes to speed of return of result, Apache Impala gives you a better speed compared to the time required by Hive queries.

Features of Apache Impala: 

Some of features of Apache Impala include:

1. Fast access to data in HDFS,

2. Storage of data in HDFS systems,

3. Integration with business intelligent tools,

4. Support for various file formats, and

5. Support for in-memory data processing. 

6. Ability to process data stored in HDFS,

7. No data transformation is required,

8. No data movement is required for data stored.

It is also important to note that impala does not support serialization and deserialization, it can only read text file, and the table must be refreshed whenever new data is added. 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Apache Impala with Certification upon successful completion of the exams.

Apache Impala Course Outline: 

Apache Impala - Introduction

Apache Impala - Environment

Apache Impala - Architecture

Apache Impala - Shell

Apache Impala - Query Language Basics

Apache Impala - Create a Database

Apache Impala - Drop a Database

Apache Impala - Select a Database

Apache Impala - Create Table Statement

Apache Impala - Insert Statement

Apache Impala - Select Statement

Apache Impala - Describe Statement

Apache Impala - Alter Table

Apache Impala - Drop a Table

Apache Impala - Truncate a Table

Apache Impala - Show Tables

Apache Impala - Create View

Apache Impala - Alter View

Apache Impala - Drop a View

Apache Impala - Order By Clause

Apache Impala - Group By Clause

Apache Impala - Having Clause

Apache Impala - Limit Clause

Apache Impala - Offset Clause

Apache Impala - Union Clause

Apache Impala - With Clause

Apache Impala - Distinct Operator

Apache Impala - Exams and Certification

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