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Apache Kafka Course And Certification

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What is Apache Kafka? 

Apache Kafka is a powerful software designed to provide uniformity in low-tenancy and high throughput platform that allows you handle data feed in real time.  

Features and Benefits of Apache Kafka: 

1. Apache Kafka is used majorly for building two classes of application, one real time data streaming pipelines that gets data from between systems or application, two real time streaming applications that transform or react to streams of data.

2. Apache Kafka is written in Java and Scala.

3. Apache Kafka is designed using scalable sub message queueing architecture, which makes it a good choice for enterprise that process lots of streaming data.

4. Apache Kafka design has its bases on transaction log, and interact with is environment from kafka connect. 

5. Apache Kafka works by storing messages coming from many processes called producers, the data from these producers are divided into different parts, and the messages in each part are indexed and stored with timestamp. These parts can then be queried by other processes called customers. To ensure its continuous performance, kafka is placed on a regular metric tracking by customers, producers, and brokers.

6. The benefits of using kafka in data streaming cannot be over emphasised as it allows you subscribe and publish streams of records, it lets you process these records as they occur, and allows you store these records in a fault tolerant manner.

7. If you intend using Apache Kafka in data streaming, there is a need to understand its core concepts and core APIs.

8. Kafka is built on three concepts, the first being that it runs as a cluster on one or more server, two these clusters stores streams of records in categories and third, each of the record consist of a value, a key and timestamp which each part is stored with. 

9. The core APIs used by Kafka include:

A. Producer API, which allows your application publish streams of record to several Kafka topics,

B. Customers API, it allows your records to be queried and subscribe to more or less topics,

C. Stream API, this allows an application act like a processor stream and the

D. Connector API, which allows building producers or customers that connects Kafka topics to existing data system. 

In the Full Course you will learn everything you need to know about Apache Kafka with Certification to showcase your knowledge skill/gained upon successful completion of the exams. 

Apache Kafka Course Outline: 

Apache Kafka - Introduction

Apache Kafka - Fundamentals

Apache Kafka - Cluster Architecture

Apache Kafka - Work Flow

Apache Kafka - Installation Steps

Apache Kafka - Basic Operations

Apache Kafka - Simple Producer Example

Apache Kafka - Consumer Group Example

Apache Kafka - Integration With Storm

Apache Kafka - Integration With Spark

Apache Kafka - Real Time Application(Twitter)

Apache Kafka - Tools

Apache Kafka - Applications

Apache Kafka - Exams and Certification

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