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Basic Computer Skills Course And Certification

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What is Basic Computer Skills? 

A Computer is simply an electronic device that can store, retrieve and process data.

Basic Computer Skills is the study of the fundamental components and uses of a Computer (PC).

A Computer is divided into

Hardware, which is the physical structure such as Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Computer Case, Motherboard; and

Software, which are set of instructions which tell the hardware what to do and how to do it; like the web browsers, word processors, games and file explorers. 

Types of Computer

There are many different types of computers which include: 

Desktop Computers: These types of computers have the computer case, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. 

Laptop Computers: is another type of computer which is bettery-powered computer and can be carried along because of its portability and can be used anywhere. 

Tablets Computers: which can be handled and are more portable than laptops and use a touch sensitive screen for navigation and typing, e.g. iPad. 

Server Computers: We also have server computers that serves up information to other computers on a network. 

Features of Computer: 

It should be noted that Personal Computers come in two styles: PC and Mac, with different look. However, PC is the most commonly used computer and has Microsoft Windows Operating System. Mac (Macintosh) computer on the other hand use the Mac OS X Operatin System and are produced by Apple Company.

A PC Computer has some parts which include the Computer Case, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Power Cord, all of which play a very important roles. However, Laptop Computers may not necessarily have all these parts separately because thay are built in. For instance, while Desktop Computer has mouse that lets you point to objects on the screen, Laptop uses Touchpad which is touch sensitive pad that lets you control the pointer by making drawing motion with your finger.

When one looks inside the computer case, some of the things you find include Motherboard, Central Processing Unit CPU(Processor), Random Access Memory RAM, Hard Drive as well as Power Supply Unit. However, most computes have expansion slots on the Motherboard that allow you to add various other types of expansion cards.

It should also be noted that the computer hardware and software job rely on Operating System OS, which makes different programs to run at the same time. There are three most commonly used Operating Systems which are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Computer uses applications for its operations, which are softwares that allow you to do some tasks. Example of computer apps that are popular include Word Processors, Web Browsers, Media Players, Games to mention but few. There are many other applications which can be installed on the computer, or uninstall if you don't want to use them anymore. 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Basic Computer Skills with Certification to showcase knowledge/skill gained.

Basic Computer Skills Course Outline: 

Basic Computer Skills - What is a Computer 

Basic Computer Skills - Hardware Basics

Basic Computer Skills - Basic Parts of a Computer  

Basic Computer Skills - Buttons and Ports on a Computer  

Basic Computer Skills - Inside a Computer  

Basic Computer Skills - Laptop Computers  

Basic Computer Skills - Mobile Devices  

Basic Computer Skills - Software Basics

Basic Computer Skills - Understanding Operating Systems  

Basic Computer Skills - Understanding Applications 

Basic Computer Skills - Using a Computer

Basic Computer Skills - Setting Up a Computer print

Basic Computer Skills - Getting Started with Your First Computer

Basic Computer Skills - Getting to Know the OS  

Basic Computer Skills - Using the Internet

Basic Computer Skills - Connecting to the Internet 

Basic Computer Skills - Getting Started with the Internet  

Basic Computer Skills - Understanding the Cloud  

Basic Computer Skills - Safety and Maintenance

Basic Computer Skills - Keeping Your Computer Clean 

Basic Computer Skills - Protecting Your Computer 

Basic Computer Skills - Creating a Safe Workspace

Basic Computer Skills - Basic Troubleshooting Techniques 

Basic Computer Skills - How to Use Your Computer's Built-in Help 

Basic Computer Skills - Learning a New Program 

Basic Computer Skills - Bringing Your Files with You 

Basic Computer Skills - Using Accessibility Features 

Basic Computer Skills - Exams and Certification

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