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C-Sharp Programming Course And Certification

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What is C# or C-Sharp?

C# is a simple, multi-purpose, modern object-oriented software programming language that is developed and managed by Microsoft within their .NET initiative led by Anders Hejlsberg.

C# was created and developed by Anders Hejlsberg and his software development team during the development period of the .Net Framework. C# is designed for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), which is made up of the executable code and runtime environment that allows for the use of other high-level object-oriented languages on different computer platforms and architectures.

The C# Programming Language, however, was developed with the needs of business and enterprises in mind. C# Language was developed for businesses to develop all kinds of software by using one single programming language.

Although C# constructs closely follow the pattern of traditional high-level languages, such as C and C++ and being an object-oriented software programming language. It has a strong resemblance to Java, it also has lots of powerful programming features that make it beloved and widely used by a number of programmers around the world.

Features Of C# Programming: 

There are many features of C# and some of them are:

1. Simplicity: All the Syntax of C# is just like C++. There is currently no preprocessor and it has a much larger library of reusable codes. C# code does not need you to include header files. All code in c# is written inline.

2. Consistent Behavior: C# brought about a unified type of system that solves and eliminates the problem of varying ranges of integer data types. All data types are treated as objects and software developers can further extend the data type system simply and easily. 

3. Modern Programming Language: C# offers supports for a number of modem features, such as Error handling features, Automatic Garbage Collection, Robust Security features, Modern debugging features, etc

4. Pure Object-Oriented Programming Language: In C#, everything is treated as an object. There are no more globally defined functions, variables, and constants. It provides supports for all three object-oriented features such as Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism,

5. Type Safety: Type safety brings about better and more robust programming. With type safety, all the objects and arrays are dynamically initialized by zero, an error message will be printed out, on use of a variable that is uninitialized, it also allows for the automatic checking of arrays.

6. Feature of Versioning: Releasing new versions of a software module and making it work with the existing applications is referred to as versioning. It is gotten by the keywords known as new and overrides.

7. Compatible with other Language: C#, makes sure that you follow all the .NET common language specifications (CLS) and therefore it allows for interoperation with other .NET languages.

8. Inter-operability: Language interoperability defined as the ability of a piece of code to interact with other codes that are written using a different software programming language. Language interoperability in c# can help to maximize code reuse and, therefore, improve the efficiency and performance of the development process.

Why Study C# Programming?

Below are some of the reasons of studying C# Language

1. Simple to Get Started With: C# was developed to be simple and very easy to use. Since C# is a high-level computer programming language, it somewhat reads closer to English. In addition, C# abstracts away (i.e. manages for you) most of the complex details of the machine (computer) so you can just focus on application programming logic instead of worrying about the little details that most people see to be both difficult and tedious.

2. Easy to Maintain: C# is a statically-typed software language, this means that your code will be checked for errors before it gets compiled into an application. Errors will be very easy to track down, and since statically-typed languages are also very strict with how you program something, the codebase, in general, will be further consistent and therefore easier to maintain as it grows in complexity and size.

3. Fast: As a statically typed language, C# is faster than most dynamically typed languages because things are much more clearly defined. Therefore, when the application is running, your machine's resources will not be wasted on checking for the definition of something in your code.

4. C#  has the 4th Largest StackOverflow Community: StackOverflow is a software programming Q&A community site that you would no doubt become close with as a coding beginner. Since StackOverflow was built with C#, the C# community there is very strong. Some software developers think that C# questions get higher quality answers when compared to other languages.

5. Career Opportunities: 16% of the top 100 million websites in the world are powered by the ASP.NET framework, of which most of them might be using C#, so there are many job opportunities in enterprise-level backend development.  With the emergence of indie game development, for example, C# developers are very much likely to have an additional opportunity, since Unity has pretty much become the de facto game engine for indie game development. Also, if you check on top job aggregator websites and boards, you would find a large number of C# jobs.

6. Future: As C# was designed and developed by Microsoft to build apps on the Microsoft platform, Microsoft will very likely make sure that they keep C# relevant and updated. A programming language's ability to stay consistent and survive also depends on whether the programming language is getting new users. In the are of search volume according to Google Adwords, C# has a large number of search volume and is the 5th place in terms of the programming language that people are most interested in learning. 

7. Self-Employment Opportunity and Consultancy: You can be a freelancer or entreprenuer as a C# developer or software developer.

Benefits Of C# Programming Language

There are Lots of benefits and advantages you get from learning and coding with C# and some of them are:

1. C# is an Object-Oriented Language.

2. C# has an Automatic Garbage Collection.

3. In C#, there is no problem of Memory Leak

4. C# brings eases the process of development, and its applications are Cross-Platform

6. Better Integration

7. More Legible and easy to understand Coding

8. C# has a huge support for whatever problem you encounter while coding. 

C# Course Outline: 

C# - Introduction/Overview

C# - Environment

C# - Program Structure

C# - Basic Syntax

C# - Data Types

C# - Type Conversion

C# - Variables

C# - Constants

C# - Operators

C# - Decision Making

C# - Loops

C# - Encapsulation

C# - Methods

C# - Nullables

C# - Arrays

C# - Strings

C# - Structure

C# - Enums

C# - Classes

C# - Inheritance

C# - Polymorphism

C# - Operator Overloading

C# - Interfaces

C# - Namespaces

C# - Preprocessor Directives

C# - Regular Expressions

C# - Exception Handling

C# - File I/O

C# - Attributes

C# - Reflection

C# - Properties

C# - Indexers

C# - Delegates

C# - Events

C# - Collections

C# - Generics

C# - Anonymous Methods

C# - Unsafe Codes

C# - Multithreading

C# - Video Lectures 

C# - Exams and Certification

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