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CakePHP Programming Course And Certification

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What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is an open-source web development framework for building web apps with PHP. It is designed to make the process of developing, deploying and maintaining web applications very much easier to understand.

CakePHP is based on an architecture that is like MVC and is both powerful and easy to understand. Its Models, Views, and Controllers enforce a strict but natural separation of the application business logic from the presentation and data layers. CakePHP has several built-in and 3rd party libraries to reduce the overload of commonly repeated tasks in web development tasks.

It’s a fundamental structure for web developers to create web applications. Its primary goal is to offer you the ability to work in a well structured and rapid manner, without any loss of flexibility. It provides you with all the tools you will need to get started with developing more on the application logic that is specific to your application with this pattern you would not need to waste development time on the language details.

CakePHP has a very active and large developer team and community, that brings great value to the project. In addition to keeping you from reinventing the wheel, using CakePHP for your web application ensures that your application’s core is well tested and is being constantly improved and has support for easy scalability.

Features of CakePHP

There are lots of features of CakePHP and some of them are:

1. CakePHP is designed with the MVC Software Architecture: Using the MVC pattern makes it possible for different entities to work together, CakePHP uses this pattern just right and this provides a great way to work on different aspects of development in a vitally planned system of data processing. The model supports data handling, view supports data rendering, controller dynamically responds to events to produce a right functionary for the framework.

2. CakePHP uses ORM: Object-Relational Mapping is used for connecting different categories of data into one compatible type and allowing the data to settle well with different facilities by creating compliant class objects and defining relations between tables, validation components, predefined resources, and many other elements.

3. Class Inheritance: CakePHP allows for Class Inheritance.

4. CakePHP allows for Application Scaffolding: This allows you easily perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functions, allowing you to have a preliminary view of the application which is highly helpful in providing you the platform to produce, modify and update your work anytime.

5. CakePHP comes with Built-in Validation: This comes with the useful features, excellent flow of entities and practical validation techniques that mark the spot of built-in validation for CakePHP.

6. Easily Extends with Plugins: CakePHP allows you to reuse your code and build on an existing facility by extending your program with great new features that are available in the form of Components, Helpers, Behaviors, and Extensions. All this can be done without even disturbing the Cake’s core library and just adding different functionalities you have in the rich plug-ins supported by CakePHP.

7. No Configuration: Everything with CakePHP runs on auto-detect and hence you don’t need to care about any sort of installation or fixing a part of the application. 

8. Community Support: CakePHP comes with an active and friendly developer community support.

Benefits and Advantages of CakePHP

1. Open Source platform: one of the main advantages of CakePHP is that it is an open-source platform, which means that there is no need for worrying about license or recurring fees and there is no probability of even investing a penny in using it for web development.

2. No Pre-configuration Required: CakePHP is higher in the sense that it saves web developers from a lot of hassle that comes with pre-configuration before use. No system configuration is to be done before using CakePHP.

3. ORM: Object Relational Mapping is a web development technique through which data is converted within an incompatible system by making use of an object-oriented computer programming language. CakePHP has an outstanding inbuilt ORM and that is highly capable of mapping objects from the database by just defining data models as classes.

4. Easily Extendable: CakePHP allows you to produce reusable code bits that can be used in different projects.  The cakeforge website has a lot of available plugin helpers and components, and this saves you the effort of writing everything on your own every time.

5. Security: For most people, security is one of the biggest problems faced in any situation and a secure software development environment earns you more points than any other trait.  CakePHP core security and CRUD features allow you to secure the user submission process in a lesser amount of time. CakePHP has built-in security and authentication features.

6. Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern:  CakePHP based on the MVC software architecture, allows developers to save any query to the database. If any modifications are needed in the database, then CakePHP lets the web developers insert, change or delete the model according to their custom requirement.

Why Study CakePHP?

1. Gain essential knowledge and skills in CakePHP.

2. Build Fast, Efficient, Powerful and Process-based Applications.

3. Career Opportunities and Advancement.

4. Increase Your Earning Potential.

5. Job Security.

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