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Church Management Information System Course And Certification

Church Management Information System Course, Church Management Information System Certificate,. 

What is Church Management Information System 

Church Management Information System is the specialized software used in the management and information processing of church daily operations. 

Church Management Softwares typically assist in the information management of the church congregation, workers departments, memberships, fundraising, events, accounting, mailings, report generations, bulletin publishing, soul-winning, etc. 

Types of Church Management Softwares.

There are hundreds of various Church Management Softwares available to pick from when looking for one, Some are Cloud-based meaning they can be operated online without installation on your computer and others Desktop-based meaning you need to install them before use.

Here we list out 10 most popular Church Management Software: 

1. Simple Church CRM 

2. ACS Technologies

3. ServantKeeper 

4. PowerChurch Software

5. ParishSOFT

6. Church Community Builder


8. Church Windows

9. ChurchTrac

10. By the Book

In this course, we chose SimpleChurch CRM as our basic software for managing church information because it is cloud-based, flexible and simple to use. 

SimpleChurch CRM is a Cloud-based Church Management Solution platform designed for churches that offer interactive management which helps users to track and manage operations such as phone calls, emails, memberships, letters, etc.

It is also a powerful and robust church management system designed to simplify the way churches manage information of their operations, from outreach to manage church attendance, collecting and managing donations and tithes, etc.

SimpleChurch CRM has the capability to mass-import members' information from Excel (CSV) and/or mass-update members' information. This church application software can export all membership, giving and interaction information to Excel (.CSV) - useful for using mail-merge, calling tree programs, and custom reports.

SimpleChurch CRM is divided into 9 major components which are:

1. Members

2. Groups

3. Interactions

4. Attendance

5. Reports

6. Utilities

7. Search

8. Settings

9. Permissions

To get the best user experience with this web-based software, It can be used with device drivers such as Windows, OS X, Linux, and it supports browsers like Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or greater, MS Internet Explorer 8 or greater, Apple's Safari 4.0 or greater, and Google Chrome. In SimpleChurch CRM, attendance can be entered manually or easily by the use of RFID cards which is referred to as Radio-Frequency Identification.

Benefits Of SimpleChurch Management System 

1. Know Your Members: SimpleChurch organizes your members and prospects, by their commonalities, and makes it easy to look up people and their details, you can set up a public directory for members and cease worrying about your membership information.  

2. Giving Made Easy: With our online giving service, you can use debit or credit cards to receive tithes and offerings from members. Easily track giving for your congregation and identify slumps with graphs for giving trends. You can even import giving data from other online giving services.

3. Outreach And Follow-Up: With interactions, you can easily track when you were last in touch with any member. By using interaction assignments you can involve pastors, small group leaders, and members in the ministry process. Keep up with people from their first visit to their baptism.

4. Attendance Trends: With Child Check-In, you can have multiple check-in stations within your church, letting you keep children secure. Our mass communication system keeps you in touch with everyone or just absentees via email, voice message, or text message. SimpleChurchCRM offers a robust attendance tracking system that not only allows you to see trends and absences but also finds and contacts absentees.

5. Better Mobile Integration: Our native iOS App lets you - add, edit, and view people, Add pictures to people, Take attendance, Send a mass email, SMS, and voice messages, Log, assign, view, and edit interactions

For Android and WP users, we have a mobile web app that lets you do almost everything our native app does.

6. Mobile App: This is a key component of SimpleChurch CRM. It’s optimized to allow you to manage communications with your church through email, SMS, and voice messaging. You can also take attendance and view interactions with members.

7. Child Check-In: SimpleChurch CRM gives your church the flexibility to manage multiple check-in stations in a way that works for you. Our child check-in feature is much more than just a label printer, It includes a kiosk mode, an iOS app, and the ability to text parents.

8. Smart Giving: We offer several convenient options for your members and visitors to give: online giving, mobile giving, text donations, recurring tithes and gifts, and giving kiosks. SimpleChurch Giving can help you increase your giving budget by 30% or more.

Why Study Church Management Information System? 

1. Church-Centric Functionality

2. Make Better Informed Decisions: Through the use of certain statistics, you can greatly influence the impact that your place of worship has on your community.

3. Track Church Finances: The contributions that your church collects in order to grow its reach and maintain itself, should always be tracked as accurately as possible, and keep tabs on donations.

4. Better Accountability

5. Job Opportunity and Career Advancement

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Church Management Information System with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge and competence. 

Church Management Information System Course Outline:  

Church Management Information System - Church Management Software  Introduction

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Overview

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Groups

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Members

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Interactions

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Attendance 

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Reports

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Utilities 

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Aggregates

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Visitors

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Child Check-in

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Integrations MailChimp

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Integrations Planning Center Online

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Drivers

Church Management Information System - Simple Church CRM Browser Compatibility

Church Management Information System - Exams and Certification

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