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CorelDraw Graphics Course And Certification

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What is CorelDraw Graphics: 

CorelDraw Graphics is a software application developed by Corel Corporation used to create objects and vectors using predesigned tools such as lines, shapes and other drawing effects to produce meaningful and presentable graphics.  

Features of CorelDraw Graphics: 

Some of the many features of CorelDraw Graphics include: 

1. Easy to Use

2. LiveSketch tools

3. Enhanced vector previews, handles, and nodes.

4. Prominent interactive sliders

5. Custom node shapes

6. Touch-friendly GU interface

7. Powerful stylus enhancements

8. Import legacy workspaces

9. Font filtering and search

10. Corel Font manager

11. Multi-monitor

12. Healing clone tools

13. Copy Curve Segments

14. Gaussian blur feature

Advantages of Studying CorelDraw Graphics:

The benefits are endless, some of which are: 

1. To become an expert in the field of graphics. 

2. A means of creating self employment by rendering graphics services to others. 

3. It helps to express and picture our thoughts and ideas in graphics. 

4. It enhances innovative skills and enriches your CV.

5. It provides self-employment opportunity.

6. It provides job opportunity.

7. It helps in branding our start-ups and ideas. 

8. It helps in communicating plans and ideas. 

9. It helps us to create attractive graphics for advert placement.

10. It helps in statistics illustration.

CorelDraw Graphics Study: 

Here we highlight some of the things you will learn in this course: 

You will be able to identify lines and drawings from bitmaps which is made up pixels. Objects made up by pixels are best printed in there originally resolutions.

You will understand how to use the basic tools in the software package such as: pick tools, shape tools, transperency tool, extrude tool, shadow, fill tools, shape etc. The tools are selected interchangeably depending on the task you intend to do. For instance when u need to add a shadow to an object you go pick the shadow tools which is always at the left hand side of the software.  

You will be able to choose the type of view that suite you, from the presets having normal, enhanced, wire frame etc. 

You will be able to differentiate and identify the Taskbar such as property Tools bar, standard tools bar, menu tools bar etc. And also how to customize or position them on the workshop. 

You will understand how to fill an object with its outline or without. Able to mix and blend colors together. Fountain fills, pattern fills, uniform fills, bitmap and etc including some templates that can help your work even faster and also you can add more templates. 

You will learn how to choose the page layouts, page orientation, paper size, number of pages, color profile for your drawings at start up or after start up. 

You will be able to work with fonts where we have the paragraph texts, artistic text. How to make a drop cap and links the text paragraphs together or flow the text together from one page to another. 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about CorelDraw Graphics with Certification of Completion to showcase your knowledge and competence.

CorelDraw Graphics Course Outline:

CorelDraw Graphics - Getting Started

CorelDraw Graphics - Lines, Shapes and Outlines

CorelDraw Graphics - Objects, Symbols and Layers

CorelDraw Graphics - Color, Fills and Transparencies

CorelDraw Graphics - Special Effects

CorelDraw Graphics - Texts

CorelDraw Graphics - Templates and Styles

CorelDraw Graphics - Pages and Layouts

CorelDraw Graphics - Bitmaps

CorelDraw Graphics - Printing

CorelDraw Graphics - Web Graphics

CorelDraw Graphics - File Formats

CorelDraw Graphics - Customizing and Automating

CorelDraw Graphics - Video Lectures 

CorelDraw Graphics - Exams and Certification

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