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Cryptography Course And Certification

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What is Cryptography: 

Cryptography is the process of securing information from third party. It deals with information and communication security which involves the passing of information from one person to another without giving access to third party. 

Cryptography deals with information confidentiality and security. It has the ability of transmitting information between people without giving access of such information to third parties. 

It is a very important factor in information technology because it enables individuals and organization to pass vital information securely and selectively. 

Cryptography is a term gotten from two key words ''krypto'' meaning hidden or secret and ''graphene'' meaning writing, therefore it means: Secret Writing


Advantages of Studying Cryptography: 

The benefits and uses of Cryptography include:

1. It enables individuals and organizations to share information selectively and secretly.

2. It helps to ensure that information being sent to the receiver is authentic. 

3. It provides security for data at all times making it an ideal solution to ensure that important information are kept secretly. 

4. It ensures data integrity and information authentication. 

5. It ensures privacy and reduces information theft. 


Features of Cryptography: 

Confidentiality: Confidential information can only be accessed by the person who has the rights and no other person except him can access it. 

Integrity: Integrity information cannot be edited in storage between sender and receiver without any addition to information being detected.

Non-Repudiation: Non-Repudiation information means the sender cannot deny his or her intention to send information at later stage.

Authentication: This means both the identities of sender and receiver are confirmed including destination/origin of information is confirmed. 


Types Of Cryptography: 

Symmetric Key Cryptography: This is an encryption system where the sender and receiver of information use a single common key to encrypt messages. 

Hash Functions: Hash functions makes it impossible for contents of plain text to be recovered such as encrypted passwords. 

Asymmetric Key Cryptography: This is the use of pair of keys to encrypt and decrypt information.


Principles Of Cryptosystem: 

Principles of Cryptosystem by Kerchoff's include: 

1. Cryptosystem should be unbreakable mathematically.

2. Whenever the cryptosystem falls into the hands of third parties, that shouldn't lead to compromise of the system.  

3. The key should be easily communicable, memorable and changeable. 

4. The Ciphertext should also be easily transmissible by telegraph. 

5. The encryption system should be easily operatable by a single person.

6. It shouldn't be difficult to encode or decode. 

In the Full course, you will learn everything you need to know about Cryptography with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge. 

Cryptography Course Outline: 

Cryptography - Origin of Cryptography

Cryptography - Modern Cryptography

Cryptography - Cryptosystems

Cryptography - Attacks On Cryptosystem

Cryptography - Traditional Ciphers

Cryptography - Modern Symmetric Key Encryption

Cryptography - Block Cipher

Cryptography - Feistel Block Cipher

Cryptography - Data Encryption Standard

Cryptography - Triple DES

Cryptography - Advanced Encryption Standard

Cryptography - Block Cipher Modes of Operation

Cryptography - Public Key Encryption

Cryptography - Data Integrity in Cryptography

Cryptography - Cryptography Hash functions

Cryptography - Message Authentication

Cryptography - Cryptography Digital Signatures

Cryptography - Public Key Infrastructure

Cryptography - Benefits & Drawbacks

Cryptography - Video Lectures 

Cryptography - Exams and Certification

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