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Crystal Reports Course And Certification

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What Is Crystal Reports?

SAP Crystal Reports is a Business Intelligence tool that is used to create and edit reports from both various SAP and non-SAP data sources. The SAP Crystal Reports allow end-users to generate reports that combine excellent visualizations and it implement new business requirements into reports to reduce the dependency on Information Technology and Report developers.

SAP Crystal Reports can connect to any data source and this includes Relational databases like Oracle, OLAP data source systems like BW, and also with data in XML format. With SAP Crystal Reports, You can generate a simple report or you can also use the complex or specific tools of the SAP Crystal Reports to create more advanced level reports for end-users and businesses. It is mostly used for pixel-perfect reporting for CEO’s and Managers of various business.

Benefits of Studying Crystal Reports

1. It allows you to create highly pixel-perfect reports using SAP crystal reports with easy design interface and efficient workflows.

2. It helps you to build personalized reports in your preferred language and format.

3. You can connect to information sources directly, which include: Native data, OLE DB, ODBC, JDBC connectivity to relational DB, OLAP, web services, etc.

4. It helps you to export more data to a single worksheet, without extending it to multiple sheets.

5. The crystal report tool allows you to open interactive reports through your mobile devices.

6. Knowledge of crystal reports is essential in many organizations especially the ones related to finance, so you would easily be employed.

Features Of Crystal Reports

There are many features of the Crystal Reports and some of them are:

1.Data Access: SAP Crystal Reports gives you access to a wide area of data connectivity options making it easy to access data of enterprises and to satisfy end-user information requirements. Whether you demand access to the filesystem, logs, databases application systems like ERP, CRM, etc, or program elements, you can be sure of using Crystal Reports for it.

2. Formatting and Design: SAP Crystal Reports gives you a high degree of flexibility and control over how your data is to be formatted and presented.

3. Report Viewing and Interaction: Crystal Reports gives you flexible options that let your end-users view and interact with various pieces of information in familiar formats and through familiar environments.

4. Application Integration: SAP Crystal Reports comes with a range of proven .NET,  Java and COM components that help to reduce the complexity of combining dynamic reporting functionality into your software applications. Whether you need to develop a web app, windows software, XML web services, or a mobile application, you can use the SAP Crystal Reports for your data presentation requirements.

Benefits of Using Crystal Reports

There are many benefits of using Crystal Reports:

1. Flexible and customized report:  With the SAP Crystal Reports, You can quickly create and edit highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports with a high-level designed user interface and more efficient and productive workflows.

2. Powerful report delivery options: With the SAP Crystal Reports, You can produce and deliver unique and targeted reports to your business end-users in their language of choice and desired format.

3. Data source connectivity: With the SAP Crystal Reports You can link together to direct information sources. Data sources comprise Native, OLE DB, ODBC and JDBC connectivity to the relational, XML, enterprise data sources, OLAP, web services, and salesforce.com.

4. Expanded support for Excel: With the SAP Crystal Reports you can take full advantage of the Excel file format(.csv) by enabling more data to be transported to a single worksheet, without traversing across multiple worksheets.

5. Windows operating system compatibility: The SAP Crystal Reports software 2013 is certified and compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

6. Mobile compatibility: You can also open very interactive reports through your mobile devices making the software to be 'Mobile".

7. SAP Crystal Reports, Adobe Flash and HTML 5 integration: this lets the SAP Crystal Reports developers be able to produce powerful "mash-ups" extracting data from various sources.

8. Competitors: SAP Crystal Reports basically competes with several products in the Microsoft markets like the XtraReports, ActiveReports, SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS, and List & Label.

Crystal Reports Course Outline

Crystal Reports - Introduction

Crystal Reports - Overview

Crystal Reports - GUI Navigation

Crystal Reports - Options

Crystal Reports - Page Layout

Crystal Reports - Getting Help

Crystal Reports - Design Environment

Crystal Reports - Data Source

Crystal Reports - Creating Queries

Crystal Reports - Time-Based Filters

Crystal Reports - Sections

Crystal Reports - Delete SectionsCrystal Reports - Groups

Crystal Reports - Group Options

Crystal Reports - Templates

Crystal Reports - Inserting Objects

Crystal Reports - Charts

Crystal Reports - Cross Tab Layout

Crystal Reports - Defining Formulas

Crystal Reports - Formula Workshop

Crystal Reports - Exam And Certification

Crystal Reports - If Then Else

Crystal Reports - Creating Variables

Crystal Reports - Creating Arrays

Crystal Reports - Parameters

Crystal Reports - Filters

Crystal Reports - Prompt Panels

Crystal Reports - Cascading Prompts

Crystal Reports - Edit Parameter Field

Crystal Reports - Data Export To Excel

Crystal Reports - Data Export To XML

Crystal Reports - Data Export To CSV

Crystal Reports - Video Lectures 

Crystal Reports - Exam and Certification

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