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Customer Service Tech Course And Certification

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What is Customer Service? 

Customer Service is the rendering of goods, services and support to customers before, during and after a successful sale or purchase. 

Customer Satisfaction solely depends on how the employees of an organization can adjust themselves to the personality and need of the customers per time. 

A Company or Organization that values good customer service will experience growth overtime. Customer service is the main pillar of profitability and growth, when your customers enjoy their first experience with your products and services, they keep coming back for more, so you don't have to keep spending so much money on advertisement overtime. 

Customer Service plays a very important role in any organization's ability to continue to generate income and revenue. It is always included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement. Attitude of every Customer Service rep is everything.

Greeting people with a smile or friendly hello can make a big difference with your customer, and for any customer service position, a customer service rep should develop friendly and patient attitude.

A Customer Service Representative is someone who takes the position of a Customer Support in an organization to assist customers make the right decisions in purchase as well as resolving issues encountered after purchase. 

What is Customer Service Tech? 

Customer Service Tech or Automated Customer Service is the use of both human capacity and modern technology to provide a more sophisticated customer support in order to improve customer satisfaction. Many organizations have invested in both human capacity and technology to improve customer satisfaction as this is key to continous growth. 

Why Customer Service Tech?

Organizations are moving towards automation, having first hand knowledge of customer service combined with modern technological aids can mean so much more for both the customer and the organization.

Customer Service Tech or Automated Customer Service is necessary in the following ways;

1. Maintain good business practices and healthy competitive advantage

2. Automation of organizational service processes

3. Monitor user enquiries and concerns across all social platforms

4. Provide excellent after sales service and user experience

5. Improved reflection of company’s values

6. Improved customer reach and support through a wide range of channels

7. Stay ahead of customer service trends for marketing and business growth

8. Increased customer lifetime value

Features of Good Customer Service Rep.

A good customer service representative sets out to create a positive experience for the customer using modern technologies at his or her disposal. The customer may not always get the results he was looking for, but a good customer service can make the customer feel like he got a fair deal. There are several features of good customer service that every customer service rep should incorporate in their customer service delivery.

Customers Are Important

One of the primary features of good customer service is that the customer is the primary focus. Make the customer feel important by treating the customer as though she is important. 

Remain Professional

A good customer service representative knows how to remain calm and professional at all times. A calm and professional demeanor helps a good customer service representative make rational decisions even in the face of the most difficult customer situations.

Automate Task

Using modern technologies and processes, one features of good customer service is task automation and delivery, ensuring that the customer requests and needs are met in a timely manner.


A good customer service representative understands that a win-win situation is normally the best solution. The customer wins because he gets what he feels is a fair solution, and the company wins because it gets to retain some profit and keep a repeat customer.

Advantages of Customer Service Tech

The benefits are endless, some of the benefits of Customer Service Tech include: 

1. Improved Customer Service: One of the major advantages of Automated Customer Service or Customer Service Technology is the increased ability to provide support service 24/7 via live kiosks, live chats, various customer relationship apps and softwares for communicating with customers as well as keeping their records, which achieves better results and far more preferrable.

2. Increased Customer Satisfaction 

3. Higher Productivity

4. Continous Growth

5. Higher Profitability

6. Lowers Cost of Customer Service

7. Higher Lifetime Value

8. Helps to Maintain prompt resolution strategy needed for immediate resolution of customer complaints. 

9. Increased sales and financial growth

10. It helps users get the most out of the company’s product and services.

11. Access to firsthand testimonials and reviews and gain insights into customer experiences

12. Helps in customer retention

13. Attract customer loyalty and support through good customer service support

Tools Used in Customer Service

There are efficient tools used to automate service delivery, this includes but not limited to: 

1. Messenger Chatbots such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

2. Live Support Chat such as Skype, Tawk etc.

3. Self Service HelpDesk System

4. Intercom

5. Slack

6. The Automatic Callback Phone System

7. Dedicated Mobile Apps

8. Dedicated Desktop Apps

9. Online Ticketing System

10. Agile CRM

Why Study Customer Service Tech

1. Gain essential skills needed for good customer service delivery

2. Increased productivity and accuracy.

3. Gain in-depth knowledge on organizations products needed to handle requests and provide technical guidance.

4. Access to flexible working conditions

5. Knowledge of the right tools to aid in excellent customer delivery.

6. Job Opportunities and Career Advancement. 

Customer Service Tech Study

In the Full Course, you will understand everything about Customer Service Basics and Automated Customer Service or Customer Service Technology. You will be a competent Customer Service Representative with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge and competence.  

Duration: Study At Your Own Pace

Format: Web and Video Lectures 

Customer Service Tech Course Outline: 

Customer Service Basics

1 - Introduction

2 - Customer Service In The 21st Century

3 - The Three Key Elements Of Service 

4 - What Customer Service Means

5 - Simple Huge Returns In Customer Service

6 - Conversations Over The Telephone

7 - Responding To Your Business Email Quickly!

8 - First Impressions In Customer Service

9 - Ten Major Do’s And Don’ts Of Customer Service

10 - Communicating With The Unsatisfied Customer

11 - Follow -Up With The Customer

12 - Customer Service Traits To Copy

13 - Benefits Of Good Customer Service

Customer Service Tech 

1 - What Is Customer Service Tech

2 - Why Customer Service Tech

3 - Components Of Customer Service Tech

4 - Top Tools Used in Customer Service

5 - Why Use AgileCRM For Customer Service

6 - AgileCRM Features

7 - AgileCRM Software Signup

8 - AgileCRM Guide

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