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Desktop Publishing Course And Certification

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What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing is the technical organization of digital files in the proper format for publishing and printing. In a more practical use, much of the text publishing and graphic design process is carried out using a desktop publishing or graphics software, and in some cases web design software. 

Desktop Publishing also refers to the use of computer and computer software programs to develop visual displays of ideas and information. Desktop Publishing documents may be created for personal use or for commercial purposes like printing or for electronic distribution, including PDF, slides, newsletters by email, electronic books, and for the web.

The term Desktop Publishing is gotten after the development of a specific type of design software. It’s about using that software to combine and rearrange text and images and also for creating digital files for printing and online viewing or for websites. Prior to the invention of desktop publishing software, the tasks involved in desktop publishing were done manually by people who major in graphic design, typesetting and pre-press tasks.

During the 80s and 90s, Desktop Publishing was solely for printing, but in present-day, desktop publishing has better uses other than just for print and publications. It can publish PDFs or as an E-books, it can publish to blog posts, and it can be used in the designing of websites, desktop publishing is also used for designing contents across multiple platforms, for example, smartphones and tablets.

Features Of Desktop Publishing

Below are some of the features of Desktop Publishing Softwares:

Project Types Support: It has support for lots of project types. The flexibility of a desktop publishing application is determined by its ability to allow users to create a variety of projects.

Layout Tools: The term “layout tools” here is used to group a lot of tools included in the software that helps the designer to place and align editors' objects accurately.

Text Tools: The text tool is the tool that is used to enter text into the design.

Graphic Tools: The graphic tool in a desktop publishing software comprises all the tools you use for the graphic designs in the editor like the rectangle, ellipse, etc.

Printing And Sharing: A desktop publishing software has the option to send a completed document to the printer and to share it with other devices.

Benefits And Advantages Of Desktop Publishing

With a Desktop Publishing Software, you can:

  1. Create and publish newsletters, magazines, and newspapers.
  2. Design logos, business cards, and letterhead
  3. Design means of communications such as catalogs, directories, sales reports, etc.
  4. Design print communications like brochures, church flyers, ads, posters, etc
  5. Design books and booklets.
  6. Transform print communications to formats for the web and smart devices such as tablets and phones.
  7. You can make resumes and business docs including invoices, inventory sheets, memos, and labels.
  8. You can publish your own books, newsletters, and e-books.
  9. Create, design and publish blogs and websites.
  10. You can make slide shows, presentations, and handouts.
  11. You can create and print greeting cards, banners, postcards, candy wrappers and iron-on transfers.
  12. You can make digital scrapbooks and print or digital photo albums.
  13. Desktop publishing can also be used to design and create decorative labels, envelopes, trading cards, calendars, charts, etc.
  14. You can design packaging for retail merchandise from wrappers for bars of soap to software boxes.
  15. Design store signs, highway signs, and billboards.
  16. You can also create very attractive, readable reports, posters, on-screen presentations for institutions or organizations.

List of Desktop Publishing Softwares: 

Here we list some of Desktop Publishing Softwares for Windows: 

  1. Adobe InDesign
  2. Affinity Publisher
  3. Calamus
  4. Corel Draw
  5. Corel Ventura 
  6. FrameMaker
  7. InPage
  8. MadCap Flare
  9. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.)
  10. Microsoft Publisher
  11. PageStream, 
  12. Prince XML, by YesLogic
  13. QuarkXPress
  14. Ready, Set, Go! (software)
  15. Scenari, 
  16. Scribus, open source tool
  17. Xara Designer Pro X
  18. Xara Page & Layout Designer etc.

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Desktop Publishing with Diploma Certification to showcase your knowledge and competence. 

Desktop Publishing Course Outline: 

Desktop Publishing - Introduction

Desktop Publishing - Adobe InDesign

Desktop Publishing - Microsoft Word

Desktop Publishing - Microsoft Powerpoint

Desktop Publishing - Microsoft Publisher

Desktop Publishing - CorelDraw Graphics

Desktop Publishing - Exams and Certification

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