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Environmental Science And Technology Course And Certification

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What is Environmental Science and Technology? 

Environmental Science and Technology is the study of the environment and the physical and biological habitat that surrounds us, which can be felt by our physical facilities (seen, heard, touched, smelled and tasted.) and how it affects us. 

Environmental Science is the field of science that studies the interactions of the physical, chemical, and biological components that make up the environment and also the relationships between these components and the effects these components have with the organisms in the environment.

Environmental Science is also referred to as an Interdisciplinary field because it embeds the ideas gotten from multiple disciplines. The natural sciences such as biology, chemistry geology are included in environmental science When most think of environmental science, they think of those natural science areas, but the areas that makes Environmental Science such a complicated and wide field of study is that it involves different areas from the social sciences and humanities. 

The Social Science fields that are fused into Environmental Science include geography, economics, and political Science. Philosophy and ethics are the two` major fields that are inside humanities that are also together with environmental science. By joining the various aspects of the natural sciences, social sciences, and the field of humanities, the field of Environmental Science And Technology can cover more topics and also look into the problems and topics from many different points of view. 


Features Of Environmental Science And Technology

Below are some of the Features of Environmental Science And Technology

1. Atmospheric Sciences: Atmospheric Sciences focuses on the Earth's Atmosphere, with an emphasis upon its interrelation to other systems.

2. Ecology: Ecology is defined as the study of the interactions between various organisms and the Environment they live in.

3. Environmental Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry is the study of chemical changes in the environment. The principal areas of study include soil contamination and water pollution.

4. Geosciences: Geosciences are made up of Environmental geology, Environmental soil science, volcanic phenomena and evolution of the Earth's crust.


Benefit Of Environmental Science And Technology

Below are some of the Benefits Of Environmental Science And technology

1. Preservation: The introduction of Computer Systems into both the home and work environments has completely removed the need to have piles of paper files. In the long-run, these minor changes will have a noticeable impact on the environment and help to preserve forests. Recycling technology will also help to reduce waste.

2. New Developments:  While technology is always blamed for so much of the pollution that contributes to global warming, technology also provides the solution to the problem. Research into new methods of generating power and electricity is so much. Experts are hoping to get cleaner and renewable sources of energy to replace the finite supply of fossil fuels and reduce global warming and climate change. New applications such as wind turbines, solar power, and hydro-electric power are under scrutiny and are constantly subject to tests to improve the efficiency of existing systems.

3. Helping To Develop The World: One of the fundamental reasons behind the noticeable distance between the developing world and the developed world is the lack of technology in the previous. The developed world is heavily dependant on technology which makes life much easier and production much more efficient. Technology is seriously lacking in developing countries and this brings about widespread poverty and a lack of basic amenities such as clean, running water and food supplies.

4. Innovative Technology: New Technology that will help to increase food production, improve infrastructure and healthcare and also create sanitation facilities can dramatically change the quality of life in the underdeveloped and developing world. With the aid of charitable organizations and better Government leaders from developed countries, this kind of technology is gradually being introduced into developing and underdeveloped countries. 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Environmental Science and Technology with Certification of Completion to showcase your knowledge.


Environmental Science and Technology Course Outline: 

Environmental Science and Technology - Introduction

Environmental Science and Technology - Components and Subcomponents of Environment

Environmental Science and Technology - Science of Environment

Environmental Science and Technology - Current Environmental Issues

Environmental Science and Technology - Engineering Interventions to Reduce Environmental Stresses

Environmental Science and Technology - Waste Minimization and Clean Technology

Environmental Science and Technology - Environment and Development

Environmental Science and Technology - Tools for Environmental Management

Environmental Science and Technology - Environmental Performance Standards

Environmental Science and Technology - Video Lectures

Environmental Science and Technology - Exams and Certification

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