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Git Basics Course And Certification

Git Course, Git Certificate, Git Training. 

What is Git?

Git is a distributed version-control system use for discovering and tracking changes in any set of any files, designed for coordinating, restructuring work among programmers cooperating on source code during software development.

Git aim and goals include: 

Data integrity,


Security, and

Support for distributed and non-linear workflows

Git is also rated as one of the most widely used modern version control system in the world today.

Git helps in keeping track of changes or corrections made to a code. If at any point during times you are coding and you hit a fatal error and then you don’t know what’s causing it, Git allows and gives you the privilege for you to revert back to a stable state.

Git also helps you to see whatever changes have been done to the code over time.

Features and Benefits of Git: 

These are some basic and very important features of Git:

1. Distributed System

Distributed systems are those which allow the users to be able to perform work on a project from where ever they are all over the world.

The distributed system holds a central repository that can also be accessed by many remote collaborators simply by using a Version Control System.

Git is known as one of the most popular Versions Control System that is being used in this days. You having a Central Server outcome in a problem of Data disconnectivity or Data Loss in case of any system failure of the central server.

To tackle or defeat such kind of a situation, Git mirrors the whole of the repository on each and every snapshot of the version that is being pulled or carried by the user. In this case, if peradventure the central server crashes, then the copy of repositories can be granted but back from the users who have downloaded the latest snapshot of that project.

2. Compatibility

Git is always compatible with all the Operating Systems that are  used in these days.

Git accesses the repositories of other of the Version Control Systems like SVN, CVK, etc. It is very possible that Git can directly access the remote repositories created by these SVNs. 

3. Non-linear Development

Git allows users from any part of the world to carry out operations on a project remotely. 

4. Branching

Git permits its users to work on line that runs on parallel to the main project files. The lines are called branches.

5. Lightweight

Git works as a storage of data,it stores all the data from the central repository on to the local repository while cloning or copying is done.

There might be more than a hundred of users working the same project and therefore the data in the central repository might be very large.

6. Speed

Since Git is a storage of all the data related to a project in the local repository by the process of cloning or copying, it is very much important to get data from the local repository instead of you doing the same from the remote repository.

7. Secure

Git is also a keeper of record of all the commits done by each of the collaborators on the local copy of the developer. A log file is kept safe and maintained and is pushed to the central repository each time the push operation is carried out. So, if any problem arises then it can be easily tracked, found and handled by the developer.

Why Study Git

1. History tracking

2. Security. Git is designed specially with security consciousness also to maintain the integrity of source code.

3. Flexibility. 

4. Wide acceptance.

5. Quality open source project.

6. Increase your earning potential.

7. Job opportunities and career advancement.

Git Course Outline: 

Git - Introduction

Git - Basic Concepts

Git - Environment Setup

Git - Life Cycle

Git - Create Operation

Git - Clone Operation

Git - Perform Changes

Git - Review Changes

Git - Commit Changes

Git - Push Operation

Git - Update Operation

Git - Stash Operation

Git - Move Operation

Git - Rename Operation

Git - Delete Operation

Git - Fix Mistakes

Git - Tag Operation

Git - Patch Operation

Git - Managing Branches

Git - Handling Conflicts

Git - Different Platforms

Git - Online Repositories

Git - Video Lectures

Git - Exams and Certification

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