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Google Adwords Marketing Course And Certification

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What is Google Adwords Marketing?

Google Adwords is a PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platform powered by Google Inc. Unlike other forms of PPC marketing platforms such as Facebook, Google AdWords presents advertisers with two basic ways to reach people, such as: 

1. Google Search Engine and 

2. Google Display Network.

Google Adword Marketing is an online advertising platform that is developed and managed by Google, where marketers and advertisers pay google to display brief advertisements, product offerings, product listings, video content and to generate mobile application installs that are within the Google ad network to web users.

Google Adword Marketing offers marketers and advertisers a way to display paid advertisements that would appear in search results on google.com with the use of the Google AdWords program which also lets your adverts appear on other websites through Google Display Network and the Google’s AdSense program.

Google also offers advertisers Display Ads, which appear on the Google Display Network. Google ads on the Display Network can be in the form of text, video, image or rich media format, and can be targeted differently to users. This includes remarketing and banner ads.

The cost of Google Ads is different based on a lot of factors, including how competitive your keywords, your industry, what geographic location your industry is in, the quality of your advertising campaigns and much more.

In the US for example, the cost per click of the average Google search ads across all industries is around $2.32. In other countries, the average costs for Google ads are mostly at a much lower price.

The Google AdWords auction is entirely centered around keywords, marketers and advertisers can choose from a list of keywords to target that is useful and relevant to what their business is business.

Keywords are the words that people are most likely to use when they are searching on google that will display your product. They will then bid on these keywords, judging each bid by how much they are willing to pay for a Google user to click on their ad. This bid, combined with a Quality Score that is assigned by Google based on the total quality of your proposed ad, would decide which Google ads appear on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Features of Google Adwords Marketing

There are lots of features of Google Adwords Marketing and some of them are:

1. AdWords New Interface: The new user interface makes it possible to bid on call extensions, limit your targeting by household income, review landing page performance or even use extensions to promote discounts and more. The dashboard has a cool look to it and trend visualization, together with audience dashboards, and campaign goals.

2. Promotion Extensions: This is a major upgrade and gives the advantage to push more products out the door. It is well documented that extensions raise click-through rates. With an extension that speaks directly to a holiday sale, a one-time promotion, a special discount, etc. Advertisers are likely to engage even more users. 

3. Message Extensions: These are unique and offer your prospect an opportunity to chat with you directly on the search results page as opposed to reading through your landing page, this makes for convenience sales.

4. Call Only Ads: Google AdWords unlocks more than enough data for you to run a successful campaign with call-only ads. With call-only ads, you can see how many users clicked through without initiating the call, how many calls were made, the length of each call, where the call came from, which ad was clicked and which keyword produced the call. Call only ads are only run on phone enabled devices and are optimized for phone call clicks and lead directly to auto-dial on a touch screen.

5. Shopping Campaigns: This enables brands to showcase their products right on the front page of search results. For online retailers, more than 85% of clicks come from shopping ads, with a measly 15% left over for text ads.

6. Custom Intent Audiences:  This uses Google’s machine learning technology to analyze your existing campaigns and auto-create custom intent audiences based on the most common keywords and URLs found in content that people browse while researching a given product or service. 

7. Ad Variations: Within the ad variants interface, you can find and replace certain keywords in your ads, Update entire-textual components, Invert your headlines.

8. AMP Ads and Landing Pages

Benefits of Google Adwords Marketing

There are lots of benefits and advantages of Google Adwords Marketing and some of them are:

1. Google Adwords Marketing Campaigns work faster than SEO.

2. Google Adwords Marketing increases brand awareness.

3. Google Adwords allows you to reach more customers through their Gmail Inbox.

4. Google Adwords lets you reconnect with the visitors of your website.

5. Google Adwords lets you measure your performance consistently.

6. Google Adwords helps you increase search engine visibility

7. Google Adwords marketing lets you tackle your competition better than before.

Why Study Google Adwords Marketing

Some of the benefits of studying Google Adwords Marketing include: 

1. It’s a form of social proof and credibility. 

2. It creates a stronger value proposition. 

3. It helps to improve search engine visibility.

4. Job opportunities and career advancement. 

Google Adwords Marketing Course Outline

Google Adwords - Introduction

Google Adwords - How to use Google Ads

Google Adwords - How to spy on competitors to get ideas

Google Adwords - How to pick the right keywords for your campaign

Google Adwords - How to reach your target audience with Search Terms

Google Adwords - How To Improve Your Ad CTR With Ad Extensions

Google Adwords - How To Schedule Ads in Google Ads

Google Adwords - How to create mobile-specific Ads

Google Adwords - How to Set Up Your Landing Pages

Google Adwords - How To Track Your Google Ads Results

Google Adwords - Increase Conversions with Google Attribution

Google Adwords - Video Lectures

Google Adwords - Exams and Certification  

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