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Google Earth Course And Certification

Google Earth Course, Google Earth Certificate, Google Earth Training. 

What is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a computer software program that was previously known as Keyhole EarthViewer, which renders a 3D representation of the Earth primarily based on satellite imagery. The program maps the Earth by superimposing aerial photography, satellite images, and GIS data onto a 3D globe, allowing its users to see cities and landscapes from several angles.

Google Earth Users can explore the globe by entering in addresses and coordinates, or by using a keyboard or a mouse. The program can also be downloaded on a smartphone or on a tablet, using a touch screen or a stylus to navigate. Users may use the program to add their own data by using the Keyhole Markup Language and upload them through various sources, such as forums or from blogs.

Google Earth is able to show several kinds of images that is overlaid on the surface of the earth and is also a Web Map Service client. Recently Google has revealed that Google Earth now covers more than 98 percent of the whole world, and it has captured 10 million miles of Street View imagery, a distance that could circle the globe more than 400 times.

In addition to Google Earth navigation, Google Earth also offers a series of other tools through the desktop application, including a measure of distance tool. Additional globes for the Moon and Mars are also available, as well as a tool for viewing the night sky. A flight simulator game is also included in it. Other features allow users to view photos from several  places uploaded to Panoramio, information that are provided by Wikipedia on some locations, and Street View imagery. The web-based version of Google Earth also includes Voyager, which is a feature that periodically adds in-program tours, that are often presented by scientists and documentarians.

Google Earth has been viewed by some as a threat to privacy and as a national security, which is leading to the program being banned in several countries. Some countries have requested that certain areas be obscured in Google's satellite images, usually areas containing their military facilities.


Features  of Google Earth

There are several features of google earth, and some of them are:

  1. On google earth, you can Search for places
  2. On google earth you can Get directions
  3. Copy search results to the Google Earth My Places folder
  4. Print search results.
  5. Drawing Paths and Polygons
  6. Organizing Your Work
  7. Earth Engine
  8. Making Sure you Save Your Work Properly


Benefits of Google Earth

  1. There are several Benefits of Google Earth, and some of them are:
  2. You can view places you have not been to
  3. You can check a location to get details about there
  4. You can go on virtual Tour around
  5. You can create a New Placemark
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