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Graphic Design Course And Certification

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What is Graphic Design? 

Graphic Design is an art of combining images and texts in creative patterns and layouts that has a special meaning or message to the viewers or audience. 

Graphic Designers are individuals who take up graphic designing as a career. They are in the business of creating and combining symbols, images, and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. 

The origins of Graphic Design can be traced to the beginning of human existence, starting from The Caves of Lascaux, to The Rome's Trajan's Column, to The Manuscripts of the Middle Ages, to The Neon Lights of Ginza, in Tokyo. The word "Graphic Design" was formed by William Addison Dwiggins in the year 1922. 

Types of Graphic Design: 

1. Corporate Design (logos, brochures, business cards, and business branding),

2. Editorial Design (magazines, newspapers, and books),

3. Wayfinding or Environmental Design, (street boards and road signs),

4. Advertising (banners, billboards, and flyers),

5. Web Graphics (e-flyers, e-banners, e-buttons),

6. Communication Design (billboards, newsboards),

7. Product Packaging (stickers, sachets, and flyers),

8. Signages,

9. 3D Graphics (for movies and animation).

Advantages of Graphic Design: 

1. Graphic design helps to strengthen the business brand. 

2. Graphic design helps a business become attractive to customers. 

3. Graphic design helps to portray some essential information about a business, brand, product or event.

4. It helps to build trust and loyalty between the business owner and customers. 

5. It expresses creativity and art.

6. It helps to gain a huge client base.

7. Graphic design is easy to get started. 

8. Graphic design requires low capital in terms of venturing and investment.

9. It helps to communicate our thoughts and ideas clearly. 

10. It is used in project management to communicate project plans and prototypes.  

Advantages of Studying Graphic Design:  

1. It serves as a source of self-employment. 

2. It provides job opportunities. 

3. It develops one's ability to think in a creative way.

4. It helps to translate our thoughts into a clear message. 

5. It helps to brand your own start-up or business.

Basic Graphic Design Tools: 

The basic graphic design tools that anyone can handpick and start designing depending on what you want to achieve with your designs are as follows: 

1. CorelDraw Graphics Suites:

(a) CorelDraw,

(b) Corel PhotoPaint, etc. 

2. Adobe Creative Suites: 

(a) Adobe Photoshop,

(b) Adobe Illustrator,

(c) Adobe InDesign,

(d) Adobe Fireworks,

(e) Adobe ImageReady,

(f) Adobe Lightroom, etc.

3. Others are:

(a) Sketch

(b) GIMP

(c) Inkscape

(d) Figma

(e) Cinema 3D

(f) Cinema 4D

(g) Poser 3D

Career Opportunities in Graphic Design

An increasing number of companies are bringing up the need for graphic design professionals. If you are in the look for career opportunities that are available in this field, they are large, and some of them are listed below.

1. You get a lot of job opportunities if you study graphic design.

2. You can become a graphic design specialist in an organization.

3. After taking this certification course in the graphic design module, you can become a graphic designer. 

4. You can become a graphic design consultant.

5. You can become a graphic design consultant, either freelancing or in an organization.

6. You can become an advisory consultant.

7. You can become a graphic design expert, after finishing this module and getting certified.

8. You can become a graphic design consultant for an organization.

9. You can become a team leader in any organization and be responsible for managing a graphic design team.

10. You can become a graphic design trainer.

11. You can become a lead graphic designer commanding high pay. 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Graphic Design with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge. 

Graphic Design Course Outline: 

1. Introduction to Graphic Design 

The Principles of Great Graphic Design

Visible vs. Invisible Design

Designing Mobile User Experiences

Sketching, Wireframing, and Prototyping

Red Flags (Warning Signs) in Web Development

The Future of Web Typography

Applying Game Design Principles to User Experience Design

Psychology of Web Design and User Behavior

Design Patterns in e-Commerce Websites

2. Graphic Design Practice Video

CorelDraw Graphics Training

Adobe Illustrator Training

Adobe Photoshop Training

3. Graphic Design Exams and Certification

Corporate Training for Business Growth and Schools