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HTML Course And Certification

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What Is HTML?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.

HTML is the language that is used for defining the display of web pages and web applications. Let's see what makes up HTML in details.

HyperText: The term HyperText simply means "a Text within a Text." Any text that you can embed a link within, is called hypertext. Whenever you click on a link that brings you to a new webpage, you have clicked on a hypertext. HyperText is a way to join two or more Web Pages (HTML documents) for easy reference and navigation with each other.

Markup Language: A Markup Language is a Computer language that is used to add layout and formatting codes to a text document. Markup language makes the text more dynamic and interactive. It can turn text into images, videos, tables, navigation, etc. 

Web Page: A web page is a kind of document which is generally written in HTML and interpreted by a web browser. A web page can be recognized and identified by entering a URL. A Web page can be either a static type or a dynamic type. With the help of HTML alone, we can develop static web pages.

Therefore, HTML is a Markup Language which is used for designing and defining attractive web pages with the help of styling presentable on web browsers. An HTML document is made of many HTML tags for properly formatting the document, and each HTML tag contains different content.

Because HTML is completely text-based, an HTML document can be simply edited by opening it up in a program such as Visual Studio Code, Atom, Notepad or Sublime. Any text editor could be used to create and edit an HTML file. So long as the document is saved using a ".html" or ".htm" extension, any web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or safari would be capable of displaying the file as a webpage.

Features of HTML

Below are some of The Features Of HTML

1. HTML is a very easy and simple language. It can be easily understood by almost anyone and adjusted to fit their needs.

2. With HTML, it is very easy to make an effective presentation because it has a lot of formatting tags.

3. HTML is a Markup Language, so it presents a flexible way to design web pages along with the text.

4. HTML helps programmers to add a link on the web pages by using the HTML anchor tag, so it enhances the user experience of browsing the web page.

5. HTML is platform-independent because it can be displayed on any platform like Android, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh, etc.

6. HTML allows the programmer to be able to add Videos, Graphics, Sound and other interactive content to web pages which makes it more attractive and interactive.

7. HTML is a case-insensitive language, that is to say, we can use tags either in lower-case or upper-case and it won't affect the document structure.

Benefits Of HTML

Some of the benefits of HTML include: 

1. HTML is very easy to learn and use.

2. HTML is free.

3. HTML is supported by all Browsers.

4. HTML is Simple to Edit.

5. HTML can Integrate Easily with Other Languages.

6. HTML is Lightweight.

7. HTML is the basis of all Programming Languages.

8. Display Changes Instantly.

9. HTML is User-Friendly.

Why Study HTML

1. HTML lets you better understand the web. 

2. For those of you who want to become professional web developers, knowledge of HTML is required. 

3. Having a handle on the fundamentals of HTML will make learning another programming language (like JavaScript, PHP, SQL) much easier. 

4. Job opportunity and career advancement.  

HTML Course Outline

HTML - Introduction

HTML - Overview

HTML - Basic Tags

HTML - Elements

HTML - Attributes

HTML - Formatting

HTML - Phrase Tags

HTML - Meta Tags

HTML - Comments

HTML - Images

HTML - Tables

HTML - Lists

HTML - Text Links

HTML - Image Links

HTML - Email Links

HTML - Frames

HTML - Iframes

HTML - Blocks

HTML - Backgrounds

HTML - Colors

HTML - Fonts

HTML - Forms

HTML - Embed Multimedia

HTML - Marquees

HTML - Header

HTML - Style Sheet

HTML - Javascript

HTML - Layouts

HTML - Video Lectures 

HTML - Exams And Certification

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