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I.T Project Management Course And Certification

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What is I.T Project Management: 

I.T Project Management is the total process involved in planning, organizing and defining the tasks and responsibility of a project team and coordinating them for the completion of an organizations' information technology (I.T) goals. 

I.T Project Management can also be defined as the use of hardware, software and network analysis to executive an organization I.T task within a certain period of time. I.T Project Management engages the use of both human and tech resource to achieve a desired I.T goal.

Advantages of Studying I.T Project Management: 

1. Better control of physical resources, human resources, financial and tech resources.

2. Improved customers relations and satisfaction.

3. Higher profit margins for higher worker morale.

4. It helps in using modern skills and tools to save project cost and time.

5. It help to avoid wastage of human, natural and capital resources to achieve quality result.

6. It also helps to deliver unique product, service and desired results within time schedules.

7. It improves quality decision making that will drive growth.

8. It helps to provide accurate analysis of project planning and execution. 

What is a Project

A project is a set of organized pracitcal activity put together to meet the creation of a unique product and services.

Who is a Project Manager 

A project manager is the person who takes the lead role and coordinates the project team. A good project manager must have a sound understanding of the principal cost of the project, human resources and skills required, knows the difference between profit and profit margin, understand whether the project is short term, middle term or long term, and the required financial budget for the completion of the project.

Attributes of a Project:

1. A project has a unique purpose

2. A project requires resources

3. A project is temporary

4. A project should have primary sponsor

5. A project must be developed using progressive elaboration.

Examples of I.T Project: 

1. A multinational firm decides to consolidate its information system into an integrated enterprise resource management approach

2. A television network implement a system or application to allow viewers to vote for contestant and provide other feed back on programs via social media sites.

3. A student creates smart phone application in order to sell it online

4. A company creates a software for tracking sales and inventory etc.

Project Constraints

Project constraints are basically anything that restricts or limits the actions and responsibilities of the project team. Such as inadequate funding, poor staffing, poor management etc.

Attributes of I.T Projects

1. Time Frame

2. Purpose

3. Ownership

4. Cost and Resources

5. Roles 

6. Risks and Assumptions

7. Interdepent Tasks

8. Organizational Change

Projects Success: 

1. Project must meet scope, time and cost goals

2. The project must satisfy the customers need

3. The result of the project must meet its main objectives

4. The outcome of the project must meet organizational aims and objectives

What Helps Projects Succeed: 

1. User Involvement

2. Executive Support

3. Clear business Objectives

4. Emotional Maturity

5. Adequate Funding

6. Project Management Expertise

7. Good Test-Running

8. Optimizing Scope

9. Staff Expertise

10. Engagement from all stakeholders etc.

In the Full Course you will learn everything you need to know about I.T Project Management with Diploma Certification to showcase your knowledge. 

I.T Project Management Course Outline: 

I.T Project Management - Introduction to Project Management

I.T Project Management - The Project Management and Information Technology Context

I.T Project Management - The Project Management Process Groups: A Case Study

I.T Project Management - Project Integration Management

I.T Project Management - Project Scope Management

I.T Project Management - Project Time Management

I.T Project Management - Project Cost Management

I.T Project Management - Project Quality Management

I.T Project Management - Project Human Resource Management

I.T Project Management - Project Communications Management

I.T Project Management - Project Risk Management

I.T Project Management - Project Procurement Management

I.T Project Management - Project Stakeholder Management

I.T Project Management - Video Lectures 

I.T Project Management - Exams and Certification

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