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Image Editing Professional Course And Certification

Image Editing Course, Image Editing Certificate, Image Editing Training. 

What is Image Editing?

Image Editing is the modification or improvement on digital or traditional photographic images using various techniques, tools and softwares. 

Image Editing is done to bring out the best possible look and to beautify images and improve the overall quality of an image using various editing techniques and parameters. 

An Image Editor is a software program used to edit or otherwise manipulate/beautify an image, picture or graphic. Image Editors are alternatively referred to as photo softwares or graphics softwares. There are many software beautifiers, one of the most popular and powerful image editors and beautifiers is Adobe Photoshop, others are Adobe Light Room, Corel Paint Shop, GIMP among others. 

People using Microsoft Windows can also make use of the pre-installed MS-Paint program as a basic image editor. 

Other types of painting software for windows include: 

Microsoft Paint

Adobe Photoshop CC

Autodesk Sketchbook 

Corel Paint


Microsoft Paint 3D


Artweaver Free

Microsoft Fresh Paint


Zen: Coloring Book For Adults

Sketchable etc.

Features Of Image Editing: 

Computer or camera image editing programs often have their own distintive features and properties, they come with automatic properties that enhances images and also correct color hue and brightness imbalances as well as other image editing features, such as: 

Adjust Color

Color Fill

Color Hue

Color Saturation

Auto Brightness/contrast

Red eye removal

Zoom features

Sharpness adjustments

Brush Tool

Automatic cropping

Manual cropping etc.

The editing software properties also include organizing capabilities such as keyword search, thumbnails, or rating or query, view image formats, preview interface etc. 

Types of Image Editing Softwares 

Some of the types of image editing softwares are: 

1. Corel Paint Shop 

2. ProAdobe Photoshop 

3. Elements Serif 

4. PhotoPlusXara 

5. Photo & Graphic Designer

6. ACDSee Photo Editor

7. Photo Explosion

8. Ulead PhotoImpact

9. PhotoImpression

10. PhotoStudio

11. Photolightning

12. Adobe Light Room

Benefits of Image Editing: 

There are many benefits of image editing, one of the most important image editing benefits is that, the dark, dull and raw images look refreshed and come alive with the help of photo enhancement techniques. Images get a new touch of life with contrast, brightness and colours with effective measures.

Image Editing procedure is a very important process that involves various tasks such as, correction mask, clipping path, removal of unwanted objects, color correction, cartooning, and flash animation among many others. It’s obvious that these are all a part of creative methods that can simply make your images outstanding, hence, are very advantageous for customers from different sectors and industries. With these services customers can be able to create and separate objects from their background, correct colors and adjust tone in images, insert extra photographs or graphics in the photographs, remove unwanted elements from your images, change the colour of all the sections of a picture , give photographs a singular shape and incorporate 3D effects within the images.

All these many advantages have made image editing a widely preferred choice all over the world. Editing are also being demanded for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Photo editing gives images more beauty and gives it meaning making a professional from the raw image. Image Editing is a thorough work of creativity, innovative, and esthetic act. Image Editing gives more meaning and adds value to raw images.

Some other benefits are listed below:

1. Better Sales

2. Brand Building

3. Build Respectability and Credibility. 

4. Reuse Images for Better Efficiency.

5. Robust Social Media Strategy. 

6. Photo-intensive Tasks Become Easier. 

7. Easy Multi-platform Customization. 

Why Study Image Editing:

1. Gain essential editing knowledge and skills

2. Become a professional in image editing

3. Job opportunities and career advancement

4. Enrich your CV and increase your earning potential

5. Self-employment opportunity as a graphic designer

Image Editing Course Outline:

Image Editing - Introduction

Image Editing - Getting Started  

Image Editing - Softwares 

Image Editing - Making Basic Adjustments

Image Editing - Fixing Common Problems

Image Editing - Sharing Photos Online

Image Editing - Printing Photos

Image Editing - Editing Photos

Image Editing - Editing with Adobe Photoshop

Image Editing - Editing with Adobe Light Room

Image Editing - Video Lectures

Image Editing - Exams and Certification

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