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Internet Marketing Course And Certification

Internet Marketing Course, Internet Marketing Certification, Internet Marketing Training, Internet marketing for beginners, how to do internet marketing. 

What is Internet Marketing? 

Internet Marketing is the process of placing advertisements on the internet for the purpose of getting across to customers that have interest in patronizing our goods or services.

Internet Marketing is also known as Digital Marketing or Online Advertising. It could be achieved through various means on the internet such as:

1. E-mail Marketing.

2. Search Engine Marketing.

3. Social Media Marketing.

4. Affiliate Marketing.

5. Referral and Viral Marketing.

Internet Marketing activities is carried out via the internet. Internet is inter-connected computers that communicates with each other. Millions of gadgets are connected to each other today, making it possible to share information in real time so also marketing can be done on the internet without any barriers. 

Advantages of Studying Internet Marketing:  

1. It enables one to have strong understanding of how the internet works .

2. It exposes one to build brand awareness and increase sales with no geographical limitations

3. It increases our chance to measure market penetration and data gathering for specific market wants and needs

4. It enhances ones chance in getting better job that requires better understanding of internet marketing and its application

5. With knowledge on internet marketing, one can easily creates business online and be self reliant.

6. The Job opportunity available for Internet Marketers is enormous. 

What is Email Marketing: 

Email Marketing is the practice of nurturing leads and driving sales through email communications with your prospects or customers. It is also a tool for customer relationship management, when used effectively, it can help deliver high return on investment - ROI.

Advantages of Email Marketing:- 

1. Extremely cost effective

2. Highly targeted

3. Customizable on a mass scale

4. Completely measurable

5. Prospects follow up

6. Increased ROI - Return on Investment

7. Continuous customer relations and updates

What is Social Media Marketing: 

Social Media Marketing is advertising on social media platforms available on the internet. It encompasses adverts on social media pages, wall posts, news feeds and result pages. 

Social Media Marketing is often the use of Social Network Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked in to promote products and services. Social Media is used these days because of their wide range of usage and with the help mobile applications that minimizes the contents to be held in the hand of billions of users world wide, social media marketing is here to stay. 

Advantages of Social Media Marketing: 

1. The advertisement are not restricted by geographical location or time.

2. It is tractable for measurement.

3. It can drive instant sales and conversion.

4. Targeting and Optimizing adverting networks serve advertisement across a number of websites and can track users visiting.

5. You get results from both organic reach and paid traffic.

What is Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending and referring potential customers to a merchant websites or products. The merchant then in return rewards the affiliate for each desired result with commission. 

What is Search Engine Marketing: 

Search Engine Marketing: is often the use of Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search to display adverts. An important part of Search Engine Marketing is SEO - Search Engine Optimization. It uses guarded algorithms to determine and sort the results that are displayed on search engines based on search queries.

Other Online Advertisement practices includes:

1. Referral Marketing.

2. Viral Marketing.

3. Attracting Attention via Text Messages.

4: Conveying Messages. 

5: Entice action.

6. Call to action. etc

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Internet Marketing with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge.

Internet Marketing Course Outline: 

Internet Marketing - Introduction

Internet Marketing - E-Mail Marketing

Internet Marketing - Online Advertising

Internet Marketing - Affiliate Marketing

Internet Marketing - Search Engine Marketing

Internet Marketing - Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing - Pay per Click Advertising

Internet Marketing - Social Media

Internet Marketing - Crowdsourcing

Internet Marketing - Viral Marketing

Internet Marketing - Online Reputation Management

Internet Marketing - Web Public Relations

Internet Marketing - Web Site Development and Design

Internet Marketing - Online Copywriting

Internet Marketing - Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization

Internet Marketing - Mobile Marketing

Internet Marketing - Customer Relationship Management

Internet Marketing - Market Research

Internet Marketing - eMarketing Strategy

Internet Marketing - Video Lectures 

Internet Marketing - Exams and Certification

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