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Ionic Course And Certification

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What is Ionic?

Ionic is an open-source software development framework that is used for developing mobile applications. Ionic provides various tools and services for building and developing Mobile UI that will have the look and feel of a native application. The Ionic framework uses a native wrapper to be able to execute on mobile devices.

Ionic is a front-end HTML5 framework that is built on top of Cordova and AngularJS and it is targeted at building hybrid applications. To make it easier to understand, think of Ionic as the front-end User Interface framework that handles all the looks, feel and UI interactions your application needs to be both compelling and unique. it is kind of like the "Bootstrap for Native", but with the support for a vast range of common native mobile application components, nice and slick animations together with a beautiful design.

The Ionic Framework is aimed at enhancing the frontend user experience, such as (UX) User Experience and the (UI) User Interaction of an application like the controls, interactions, gestures, buttons and animations. Ionic is very easy to learn and it integrates nicely with other development libraries or frameworks, such as Angular, and can be used separately without the inclusion of any frontend framework.

Features Of Ionic

The following are the most important features of Ionic:

1. AngularJS: Ionic as a framework uses the AngularJS MVC architecture for building and managing rich single-page applications (SPA) that are optimized for mobile devices.

2. CSS components: With the native look and feel that comes with Ionic, these components offer's you almost all the elements that a mobile application depends on. The elements’ default styling can be easily modified to fit your own designs.

3. JavaScript components: These mobile components are extending the CSS components with JavaScript functionalities to satisfy and cover all the mobile elements that cannot be accomplished only with HTML and CSS.

4. Cordova Plugins: The Apache Cordova plugins offer API services that are needed for using native device functions together with JavaScript code.

5. Ionic CLI: Ionic CLI is NodeJS utility that is being powered with various commands for starting, building, operating and emulating Ionic mobile applications.

6. Ionic View: Ionic View is a very useful platform for uploading, sharing and testing your mobile application on native mobile devices.

7.  Simplicity: Ionic Framework is built with form start with simplicity in mind so that building Ionic applications is enjoyable, very easy to learn, and accessible to just about anyone who has web development skills.

8. License: The Ionic Framework is a free and open-source project, and it is released under the permissible MIT license.

Benefits Of Ionic

The following are some of the most commonly known advantages of Ionic:

1. Ionic is used for the development of Hybrid Applications. This simply means that you can bundle your applications for both IOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Firefox OS, which can save you a lot of development time.

2. Starting an application with Ionic is very easy since it provides you with a useful pre-generated app setup with simple and basic layouts.

3. The applications are developed in a very clean and easily scalable way, so they are very maintainable and easy to update.

4. The Ionic Developers Team has a very good relationship with the Google Developers Team and they are constantly working together to improve the framework. 

Ionic Course Outline

Ionic - Introduction/Overview

Ionic - Environment Setup

Ionic - CSS Components

Ionic - Colors

Ionic - Content

Ionic - Header

Ionic - Footer

Ionic - Buttons

Ionic - Lists

Ionic - Cards

Ionic - Forms

Ionic - Toggle

Ionic - Checkbox

Ionic - Radio Button

Ionic - Range

Ionic - Select

Ionic - Tabs

Ionic - Grid

Ionic - Icons

Ionic - Padding

Ionic - Javascript Components

Ionic - Cordova Integration

Ionic - AdMob

Ionic - Camera

Ionic - Facebook

Ionic - In App Browser

Ionic - Native Audio

Ionic - Geolocation

Ionic - Media

Ionic - Splash Screen

Ionic - Video Lectures

Ionic - Exams And Certification

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