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Ipad Basics Course And Certification

Ipad Basics Course, Ipad Basics Certificate, Ipad Basics Training. 

What is an iPad?

iPads are smart mini computer devices designed, produced and distributed by Apple Incorporation that joins together the features of a computer, an iPod, a digital camera and a cellular phone into one device which comes with a touchscreen interface.

iPads run on the Apple iOS Operating System (OS), and as of 2017 there were approximately 2.2 million mobile applications that are available for it through the Apple App Store, according to a statistic.

Features of an iPad

There are lots of features of an iPad and some of them are: 

1. Email: Like all good smartphones out there, the iPad has very robust email features and it can sync to corporate email servers that are running Exchange.

2. Calendar/PDA: The iPad can be used as a personal information manager, with a very nice calendar application, address book, stock-tracking application, weather update, and other related features.

3. iPod: A shortcut description of an iPad is that it is a cell phone and an iPod combined together, so of course its music player features offer all the awesome advantages and coolness of iPods.

4. Video playback: With its big, and beautiful, the iPad is a great choice for mobile video playback, whether you are using the built-in YouTube application, adding your own video, or buying or renting video contents from Apple iTunes Store.

5. Apps: With the addition of the Apple App Store, iPad users can now install all kinds of third-party application programs, ranging from games (both free and paid versions), Facebook and Twitter, restaurant finders up to its long list of productivity apps. 

6. Cameras: One major change in the iPad is the inclusion of more cameras, whereas previous models only had one. The user-facing camera of the iPad allows for FaceTime video chats.

Benefits of an iPad

There are many benefits of the iPad and some of them are:

1. User-Friendly: iPad carves a good reputation for itself by being the most user-friendly phone to date. The most interesting feature about the iPad is the look and texture of iOS, till today it’s look hasn’t changed.

2. Data Synchronization: Mac works perfectly with iPad's which are a very amazing combination. The continuity feature in macOS allows you to send and receive messages over MacBook along with calls, so long as both are near.

3. Apple Pay: So easy to use, by just navigating an iPad to a payment terminal with your finger on the Touch ID, you can make payments online.

4. Family Sharing: This allows families to share apps, images, etc. from their iBooks, App Store and iTunes easily, still maintaining personal iTunes, and access to a 200G cloud storage for the family.

Why Study iPad Basics

1. Understand the basic and fundamental functions of an iPad. 

2. Suitable for professionals who are always on the go. 

3. Increase your knowledge on iPad operations and design architecture. 

4. Increase your earning potential as a mobile publisher. 

5. Job opportunities and career advancement.

iPad Basics Course Outline

iPad Basics - Introduction

iPad Basics - Buying an iPad

iPad Basics - Getting Started with the iPad

iPad Basics - Using iOS

iPad Basics - Using the Keyboard

iPad Basics - Browsing with Safari

iPad Basics - Installing and Managing Apps

iPad Basics - iPad Settings

iPad Basics - Security and General Settings

iPad Basics - Wallpaper and Sounds

iPad Basics - Managing Notifications

iPad Basics - Syncing Your iPad

iPad Basics - Mail

iPad Basics - Contacts

iPad Basics - Calendar

iPad Basics - Reminders

iPad Basics - Messages

iPad Basics - Camera and Photos

iPad Basics - Extras

iPad Basics - Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Your Smartphone

iPad Basics - Hidden iOS Features

iPad Basics - Video Lectures

iPad Basics - Exams and Certification

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