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Javascript Course And Certification

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What is Javascript?

JavaScript is a lightweight, object-oriented and interpreted Programming Language. It is developed for creating network-centric applications. JavaScript is very easy to develop with because it is integrated with HTML. It is open-source and Os and Platform independent.

When JavaScript was developed, it had a name which is “LiveScript”. But JAVA was very popular at that time, so the developers decided positioning a new language as a “younger brother” of Java that would speed up the marketing campaign of the language. But as it grew up, JavaScript became a fully independent language with its own specification called ECMAScript, and now is not related to Java in any way. 

Web pages are not the only place in which JavaScript can be used. Many desktop, mobile apps and server programs make use of JavaScript. Node.js is the best-known implementation of Javascript.

Features Of Javascript:

There are a lot of Features of Javascript which is currently the most popular Programming Language and some of its features are listed below:

1. Client-side Validation: This feature of Javascript is really important because it allows us to verify any user input before submitting it to the server and Javascript plays a very important role in validating those data in the front-end which in turn reduces the load on the server.

2. Manipulating HTML Pages: Javascript lets you manipulate HTML pages on the go. This allows you to add and delete any HTML tag very easily using Javascript and modify your HTML to change its look and feel based on different devices and to personalize the page based on its current user.

3. User Notifications: You can use Javascript to bring up dynamic pop-ups and alerts on the webpages to give different types of notifications and to call for the immediate attention of your website visitors to a particular item.

4. Back-end Data Loading: Javascript provides Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) library which aids in loading data in the back-end, while you carrying out some other processing activity. This really gives an amazing user experience to your website visitors.

5. Presentations: JavaScript also provides the ability to create web presentations that give the website an awesome look and feel. JavaScript has libraries such as BespokeJS and Reveal Js to make building web-based slide presentations a breeze.

6. Server Applications: Node JS is developed on Chrome's Javascript runtime engine for building and developing fast and scalable web applications. Node JS is an event-based library that aids in creating highly sophisticated server-side or server-dependent applications including Web Servers.

Benefits and Advantages Of Javascript

Learning Javascript has a lot of benefits and some of them are: 

1. Javascript is currently the most popular Programming Language in the world and that itself makes it a great choice for new programmers. Once you learn to program with Javascript, you would be able to develop great front-end as well as back-end software while making use of the different Javascript based frameworks like jQuery, Node.JS  Angular, React, etc.

2. Javascript is everywhere, it is installed by default on every modern web browser and so to learn Javascript you really would not go through the hassle of setting up any development environment. For example, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome Safari and every browser you know as of today, supports Javascript.

3. Javascript allows you to design and build very beautiful and crazily fast websites. You can develop your website with the look and feel of a console and give your users the best GUI - Graphical User Experience.

4. JavaScript usage has now taken further to the development of mobile apps, desktop apps, and even for the development of games. This creates many opportunities for you as a Javascript developer.

5. Due to the very high demand for Javascript, there is a huge amount of job growth and high pay for those who can code JavaScript. You can go through different job sites to see what having JavaScript skills feels like right now in the job market.

6. One of the great things about learning Javascript is that you would find lots of frameworks and Libraries already built which can be used directly in your software development to increase development speed by making you just focus on the logic of your project and not on basic common detail. 

Javascript Study:

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Javascript Programming Language with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge and competence.

Duration: Study At Your Own Pace

Format: Web and Video Lectures

Certificate: Diploma

Javascript Programming Course Outline: 

Javascript - Introduction

Javascript - Syntax

Javascript - Enabling

Javascript - Placement

Javascript - Variables

Javascript - Operators

Javascript - If...Else

Javascript - Switch Case

Javascript - While Loop

Javascript - For Loop

Javascript - For...in

Javascript - Loop Control

Javascript - Functions

Javascript - Events

Javascript - Cookies

Javascript - Page Redirect

Javascript - Dialog Boxes

Javascript - Void Keyword

Javascript - Page Printing

Javascript - Objects

Javascript - Number

Javascript - Boolean

Javascript - Strings

Javascript - Arrays

Javascript - Date

Javascript - Math

Javascript - RegExp

Javascript - HTML DOM

Javascript - Error Handling

Javascript - Validations

Javascript - Animation

Javascript - Multimedia

Javascript - Debugging

Javascript - Image Map

Javascript - Browsers

Javascript - Video Lectures 

Javascript - Exams and Certification

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