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What is JIRA?

JIRA is a software tool that was developed by the Australian Company "Atlassian". It is utilized for tracking bugs, issues, and for the management of projects. The name "JIRA" was originally inherited from the Japanese word "Gojira" which means "Godzilla".

The basic use of this software tool JIRA is to keep track of issues and bugs that are related to your software and Mobile application. It is also used for project management. The JIRA dashboard is made up of many useful functions and features that help to make managing of issues very easy.

Features of JIRA

There are many features of JIRA, and some of them are;

1. Boards: JIRA supports Kanban boards and Scrum. These boards offer an instant snapshot of the project to the development team. It helps to swiftly review the progress of the project and to see the status of each individual task. Board workflow can be completely customized to meet up with the way a team wants to continue.

2. Business Project Template: JIRA offers support for a number of business templates to handle and manage both simple and complex tasks like project workflow. Templates can be customized depending on the team and their approach. For example, a workflow can be customized that is based on each team's approach. Every step is considered and the team can move further to accomplish their goals.

3. Task Details: Tasks can be developed at the individual level to keep track of the progress. The status of every task, attachment, comments, and due dates are saved in one place.

4. Notifications: An email of a particular task can be sent to the users. watching and voting features to keep track of the progress for the stakeholders.

5. Power Search: JIRA supports a very powerful search functionality with Basic Quick and more advanced features. You can use this search tool to find out answers like the due date of a project when the was last updated, what task a team member is yet to finish.

6. Reports: JIRA has support for more than a dozen reports to keep track of progress over a particular timeframe, individual contribution, deadlines, etc. It is very easy to understand and can be used to generate different reports that help to analyze how the team is going on. Easy to configure these reports and display the matrices to the stakeholders.

7. Scale with Team Growth: JIRA offers support for any business team and any project not minding the size and complexity of the organization.

8. Add-ons: JIRA has support for more than 100 add-on and plugins that are used to connect with various software to make work easy. A wide range of add-ins makes it be used universally across the globe. The popular add-ons for Jira are JIRA Toolkit Plugin, ScriptRunner for JIRA, Suites utilities for JIRA, JIRA Charting Plugin, Portfolio for JIRA, JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions, Zephyr for JIRA – Test Management, Tempo Timesheets for JIRA, Atlassian REST API Browser.

9. Multilingual: JIRA has support for more than 10 languages that are widely used such as English (US, UK, India),  German, French, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

10. Agile Development: Agile is Jira’s fundamental application, and it offers the smooth utilization of all the features of Scrum boards and Kanban boards.

11. Project Tracking:  This issue tracking software tracks the ongoing projects at any stage. The sidebar allows accessing immediate details about planning, releasing, tracking, and reporting.

12. Mobile Applications: The Jira project management tool comes with native mobile applications that are compatible with Android and iOS devices. This makes it possible for users to be online as well as engaged anytime.

13. Security: You can set your bug’s security level when it is created or when it is being edited. The security settings of Jira bug tracking software restricts the access of certain bug to only those people who are allowed to work on the bug or a team member of the given security level.

Benefits of JIRA

There are many benefits of JIRA, and some of them are;

1. JIRA is very beneficial for adding better visibility to the software project

2. JIRA allows for better prioritization of individual tasks.

3. JIRA brings about increased productivity in the development team.

4. JIRA is free to use.

5. Using JIRA, you can keep track of the time spent on a project.

6. JIRA can be used to generate reports of tasks.

Why Study JIRA?

1. Enhance Your Project Management Skills: Using JIRA helps you enhance your project management skills, Features such as project tracking, kanban boards, and reports would help you stay on track in every project you handle.

2. Improve Workplace Efficiency: JIRA helps to improve workplace efficiency, you can do so much in a short time and with minor errors.

3. Career Opportunity and Advancement: Companies look for project managers every time, getting skilled up in this tool is a great addition to your skillset and makes you stand out.

4. Easy to use and affordable: JIRA’s tools are easy to use with a fee of $10 you and your team can get started using this awesome project management tool.

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