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Laptop Engineering Course And Certification

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What is Laptop Engineering? 

Laptop Engineering is a branch of computer engineering that incorporates computing science and electronic engineering for the development of a portable personal computer model from manufacturing to repairs and maintenance. 

Laptop Engineering can also be defined as the study of the various components of a laptop, including how to troubleshoot and diagnose them and to properly repair any faults that may be found.

What is a Laptop: 

A Laptop is a portable personal computer that can be easily carried to any location while in use. It is popuarly known as portable personal computer. It can as well run the same set of softwares and applications that are being run on a desktop computer. 

Laptops was first invented by British designer - Bill Moggridge. 

Components of a Laptop: 

A Laptop majorly consists of:

1. In-built Monitor,

2. In-built Keyboard,

3. Motherboard,

4. Touch pad,

5. In-built Speakers,

6. Rechargeable Battery,

7. Wi-Fi Sensor,

8. Bluetooth Sensors etc.

Features and Benefits of Laptops:  

1. Lightweight

2. Mobility

3. Finished Product 

4. Easy Access

5. Highly Portable

6. Keeps Up-to-Date

7. Lower Power Consumption 

Basic Tools Used in Laptop Engineering:  

Some of the Basic tools being used in Laptop Engineering especially in the area of Repairs and Maintenance includes the following:

1. Phillips Head Screwdriver

2. Star tipped Screw driver

3. Toothbrush

4. Mini pliers

5. Scissors

6. Electrical tape

7. Shrink Wrap tubing

8. Copper foil tape

9. Adjustable pliers

10. Liquid flux

11. Solder

12. Multi-meter to mention but a few

The Common Parts Of a Laptop

It is necessary to be familiar with the various parts of an average Laptop, in doing this, one will be able to quickly discern the affected part during repairs. The Common Parts includes:

1. Palm rest

2. Keyboard

3. Display screen

4. CCFL Bulb

5. Display Cable

6. Mouse

7. Media strip

8. Optical Drive

9. Hard drive

10. Wifi card

11. Ethernet card

12. Power Button

13. Hinge cover

14. Bottom Base

15. USB extension Board

16. DC Jack

17. Motherboard

18. RAM

19. Bluetooth

20. Webcam 

21. VGA just to mention but a few

Assembling and Disassembling a Laptop 

Assembling a Laptop most times depend on the design and structure you are looking at, but briefly in general, you can follow these steps: 

1. Get the Case

2. Install Motherboard

3. Install the Processor

4. Wire the wireless

5. Insert the video card

6. Set up the drive

7. Add memory chips

8. Insert Power battery

9. Replace Screws and Coupling.

10. Installation of OS or Formatting

In Disassembling a Laptop, all screws are first removed starting from the rear screws under the battery and first removing the battery. After which the various parts are removed. It is important to note that some of the parts may be tricky when removing them and so carefulness should be observed in opening each parts.

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Laptop Engineering, from cloning to fixes, repairs and maintenance, you will fully understand the structure and architecture of a Laptop, you will become a competent Laptop Engineer with Diploma Certificate to showcase your competence, upon successful completion of the exams.

Laptop Engineering Course Outline: 

Laptop Engineering - Basic Troubleshooting Used By A Laptop Technician

Laptop Engineering - Common Parts And Functions Of The Average Laptop

Laptop Engineering - Installing Operating Systems On Laptops And Netbooks

Laptop Engineering - Complete Disassembly / Taking Apart The Laptop

Laptop Engineering - Laptop Screen Disassembly 

Laptop Engineering - Laptop Screen Types and Repair Methods

Laptop Engineering - Laptop Not Powering On Issues & Resolutions

Laptop Engineering - Laptop Not Powering On Issues & Resolutions (Video Related)

Laptop Engineering - Laptop Not Powering On Issues & Resolutions (Motherboard Issues)

Laptop Engineering - Motherboard Repairs

Laptop Engineering - The Soldering Process

Laptop Engineering - Video Lectures 

Laptop Engineering - Exams and Certification

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