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MATLAB Course And Certification

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MATLAB which is the acronym for Matrix Laboratory is a software programming language that is developed by MathWorks.

MATLAB started out initially as a Matrix Programming Language which aim is to make linear algebra programming very simple. MATLAB programs can be run both under interactive sessions and also as a batch job.

MATLAB is a fourth-generation high-level programming language and interactive environment that is mainly used for numerical computation, data visualization, and programming.

MATLAB allows you to carry out matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, carrying out the implementations of algorithms; creating user interfaces, accessing programs that are written in other languages, including C, C++, Python, Java, and Fortran. It also allows you to analyze any given data, produce algorithms to solve the problems and create models of the software and applications.

MATLAB has lots of in-built commands and mathematical functions that allow you to carry out mathematical calculations, generate plots, and to perform numerical methods. MATLAB is an interactive development system whose basic data element is a list (array)  that does not need or depends on dimensioning, this allows you to solve many technically related problems in computing, especially those that involve the formulations of matrix and vector in just a fraction of the time that it would take to write the program in a scalar and non-interactive language such as C++ or Java. 

Features Of MATLAB

The MATLAB Programming language has a lot of features included in it which is due to it being a data visualization language, the following are some of the basic features of MATLAB.

1. MATLAB is a high-level language that is used for numerical computation, data visualization, and software application development.

2. MATLAB  also gives you an interactive development environment for iterative exploration, program design and problem-solving.

3. MATLAB also comes with a vast library of mathematical functions for solving linear algebra, Fourier analysis, statistics, data filtering, optimization, numerical integration and for solving regular differential equations.

4. MATLAB provides you with built-in graphics tools for visualizing data and it also gives you tools for creating custom plots as per your application design.

5. The MATLAB's programming interface comes with lots of development tools that help you to improve the quality of your code and code maintainability and maximizing program performance.

6. MATLAB also provides you with tools for building software applications that have custom graphical user interfaces.

7. Lastly MATLAB provides functions for using algorithms that are based on MATLAB on external applications and languages such as Java, C++ .NET language and Excel.

Benefits Of MATLAB

There are lots of benefits and advantages of learning the MATLAB programming language and some of them are:

1. MATLAB is a tool that is independent of the compiler to be used and is doesn't require any compiler to run unlike languages like C, C ++ where it is required. Codes in MATLAB are written in sentences and executed one after the other.

2. Being compiler independent makes Matlab more productive and efficient.

3. MATLAB is a fourth-generation high-level programming language.

4. MATLAB coder is used to convert the code that is written in MATLAB to languages like Python, JAVA, C++, .NET, etc thereby making the MATLAB language more versatile.

5. Different programming languages can be used to perform scientific theories and after building the library files or .dll files they can be directly executed in Matlab using any other languages.

6. Data in MATLAB can also be stored in variables with very simple commands that are easy to use by storing numbers in a vector or matrix where the use of loops is not needed.

7. Complex mathematical operations such as the multiplication and addition of matrix can be easily achieved in a single code by using MATLAB. 


This MATLAB programming language course is designed to give students a very clear understanding of MATLAB programming language. 

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