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Microsoft Office Course And Certification

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What is Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office also known as Office is a couple of information processing software, client software, server software and web services developed by Microsoft Inc. 

Microsoft Office is a package that comes with various information processing applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Powerpoint etc.

Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft Inc. first announced Microsoft Office in the year 1988 in Las Vegas. The first version of Office when initially introduced contained only Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Today It has grown to develop lots of both Desktop and Cloud applications useful in our offices and homes. In 2012, Microsoft Office reached over a billion users globally.

Advantages of Microsoft Office:

1. Used for Creating and Editing Text Document

2. Used for Information Processing

3. Used for Professional Presentation

4. Used for Database Management

5. Easy to Use and Manage

6. Saves Time and Energy

List of Microsoft Office Applications

1. Desktop Applications

A. Microsoft Word

B. Microsoft Excel

C. Microsoft Powerpoint

D. Microsoft Outlook

E. Microsoft OneNote

F. Microsoft Publisher

G. Microsoft Project

H. Microsoft Team

I. Microsoft Visio

J. Skype for Desktop

2. Mobile Applications

A. Office Lens

B. Office Remote

3. Server Applications

A. Microsoft SharePoint: collaboration server.

- Microsoft Excel Services

- InfoPath Forms Services

- Microsoft Project Server: project management server

- Microsoft Search Server

B. Skype for Business Server

4. Web Applications

A. Microsoft Office Online

- Word Online 

- Excel Online 

- PowerPoint Online 

- OneNote Online 

- Outlook.com  

- Docs.com 

- OneDrive: 

- Office Sway: 

B. Delve: 

C. Microsoft Forms: 

D. Outlook on the web:

E. Microsoft Planner: 

F. Office 365 Video: 

G. Microsoft Bookings:

Microsoft Office Versions:

1. Microsoft Office 2000

2. Microsoft Office 2003

3. Microsoft Office 2007

4. Microsoft Office 2010

5. Microsoft Office 2013

6. Microsoft Office 2016

7. Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word is a text creating and editing application designed by Microsoft Corporation U.S.A

It is the most common word processor today because of its numerous features and functions. It comes in a software suite called Microsoft Office:

Some Features of a Microsoft Word

1. The Office button: is located in the upper left corner of Microsoft word.

2. The Hoizontal Ruler: this enable a user scale a document horizontally.

3. The Vertical Ruler: This enable a user scale a document vertically

Word Art in Microsoft Word

This is a Colorful artistic Text. to Word Art into your document:

1. Place your insertion point.

2. Click on the insert ribbon.

3. Click on the Word Art icon down menu.

4. Select the format you desire.

5. Type the text on the illustration your Text Here, adjust the size to fit, select a desired font and font style

6. Click ok to apply to your document

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is used to display information usually in form of a slide show.

To add clip art object in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

1. Click on clip art button

2. in the search for textbox, type a general description of the graphics you want to insert.

3. Click on amy image from the list of displayed graphics to insert into the slide.

To add Picture Object

1. Click on picture button. The insert dialog box is displayed.

2. Click on the location of the picture on the computer from the look in options.

3. Click on the desire image and click on insert command button. The picture is inserted into the slide as desired.

Saving the Presentation

1. Click on the office button

2. Select save from the displayed options

3. Select the drive or directory to store the document by clicking  on the arrow on the save in combo box

4. Click on the file name, type the desired document name.

5. Click on Save button

In the Full course you will learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Office and its practical uses with Certificate of Completion to showcase your knowledge and competence.

Microsoft Office Course Outline: 

Microsoft Office - Word

Microsoft Office - Excel

Microsoft Office - Powerpoint

Microsoft Office - Access

Microsoft Office - Video Lectures 

Microsoft Office - Exams and Certification

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