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Microsoft OneNote Course And Certification

Microsoft OneNote Course, Microsoft OneNote Training, Microsoft OneNote Certificate. 

What is Microsoft OneNote?

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking computer software that is use for free-form information gathering and for multi-user collaboration. It gathers users' notes, screen clippings, drawings, and audio commentaries. Notes that are saved can be shared with other OneNote users over the Internet or over a network.

OneNote is available as part of the Microsoft Office suite, it is also available as a free, standalone application through the official microsoft website, the application stores of Windows 10, macOS, iOS devices and Android phones.

In OneNote, users can also create notes that can include text, images tables, and drawings. Unlike a word processor, OneNote has a virtually unbounded document window, in which users can click on anywhere on the canvas to create a new text box at that particular location. OneNote saves the data automatically as the user makes their edits to the file.

OneNote saves information in pages that are organized into sections within notebooks. Microsoft designed this user interface to resemble a tabbed ring binder, in which the user can directly make notes and gather the noted material from other applications. OneNote notebooks gathers, holds, organize, and share possibly unpublished materials as when compared to word processors and wikis, which usually target publishing in some way or the other.


Features of Microsoft OneNote

There are many features of Microsoft OneNote, and some of them are:

1. You can record audio and video directly into OneNote: With OneNote, you can record both your audio and video directly into the notes without the use of a third-party application or any software.

2. You can drag and drop files to insert them into your notes: Got files you want to reference in your notes application? OneNote would let you attach them to pages with almost zero effort. These can include audio and video files, but also .pdf files, Word docs, and many more.

3. You can automatically source what you copy and paste from the web: This one is just a great feature that we would be remiss not to mention. Anything that you copy and paste from the Internet into OneNote would automatically show the source it comes from.

4. Password protect sensitive sections of a shareable document: Are you planning on sharing your notes with co-workers or potential clients, but have sections that include sensitive data you wouldnt want to share with them? OneNote allows you to password protect individual sections of your notes for this very purpose.


Benefits of Microsoft OneNote

Some of the main benefits of OneNote include:

  1. Real-time collaboration.
  2. Access revisions & track changes.
  3. Securely store information.
  4. Use on any device & major operating system.
  5. Access on the go.
  6. Scan handwritten notes & convert to text.
  7. Touch capability to draw into system.
  8. Supports multimedia.
  9. Record audio & video into your notebook.
  10. Integrate with Microsoft apps & plugins.
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