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Microsoft Powerpoint Course And Certification

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What Is Microsoft Powerpoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software application used to present information from simple presentations to complex multimedia presentations and projections. The program was first developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin in a software company named Forethought Inc. It was first released on April 20, 1987 and was initially launched for only Macintosh users. 

Microsot PowerPoint later became a component of the Microsoft Office suite, powered by Microsoft Inc., first offered in 1989 for Macintosh users and in 1990 for Windows users. 

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the many programs that are being run by Microsoft Inc. Powerpoint offers users many ways to present information from simple presentations, charts to complex multimedia presentations.

As far as Microsoft PowerPoint is concerned, it comes out of the box with all of the features and templates you'll need to create and edit presentations. A Template is a presentation that is already pre-designed with different styles and designs on it. This option provides an easy way to start a presentation with just a single click.

Features of PowerPoint

Powerpoint has a lot of features that makes it very popular and some of them are:

1. On-Premise & Mobile: PowerPoint 2016 is mostly used on PCs and Macsbooks but it also has mobile native apps for Android, Windows and IOS phones and tablet users. This makes the software to be portable yet very functional and powerful and it enables users to create their presentations from mobile devices and rehearse using them before they appear in front of an audience 

2. Customizable Slides: PowerPoint 2016 comes out of the box with templates with default color schemes. But this does not limit users from customizing them or creating their own templates. Also, the users can make their slides to be more engaging to further interest their audience by including animations and sounds, and lots more.

3. Emphasized Points: While using PowerPoint, presenters can highlight certain points of importance during their presentation. They can do this using the application’s zoom feature, that lets them zoom in and zoom out of a section of the slide and makes their presentations to be more captivating and fun.

4. Focused Presentation: With PowerPoint, users can speak in front of an audience of any size with confidence. The application displays the slides on the public screen whereas the user is able to view their notes and the next slide on their own computer or mobile device.

5. Shared Projects: PowerPoint files can be saved on the user’s OneDrive account. This makes presentation files easily accessible anytime to the user and also lets them share their presentations with their teams or colleagues over the cloud by sending them links. This also lets them work together on a presentation through the PowerPoint online.

Why Study Microsoft Powerpoint

The following are some of the reasons why you should learn Microsoft Powerpoint

1. PowerPoint is a Reliable Program: Over the years, PowerPoint has gotten a countless number of software developments and updates. No matter the exact requirements that you have for the presentation, PowerPoint is very likely to suit and meet up with your needs. It’s not just that PowerPoint is reliable, the software program has also been managed to be up to date with recent and modern requirements and changes in the technology. This means that you can depend on the program to work in a number of conditions and settings.

2 - PowerPoint Is Easy to Share: It is very possible to convert your PowerPoint presentations into many standard formats including PDFs, HTML5, and Microsoft Word documents. While this might seem like a small task to carry out, it has a huge advantage when working with others. It was once the case that many organizational products were not capable of being shared among users. This meant that if you had wanted to share a file with your coworkers, your coworkers would have to install a new program and learn how to go through the new type of file. With PowerPoint, most computers can read and view these files and fortunately many workers have gotten at least little experience working with PowerPoint. As a result, it is very easy to distribute these files.

3. PowerPoint Has Numerous Features: PowerPoint gives users many features that no other presentation software has. While most people are already familiar with the basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint, when a person masters the product, he would be able to create several engaging elements. Also, while many people initially become well versed with PowerPoint as a tool for presentations, the program can also be made used to create graphs, flowcharts, newsletters, and several other creative use cases. Some people even use Microsoft PowerPoint to further strengthen their social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating new images and logos.

4. PowerPoint Macros Can Be Used in Powerful Ways: PowerPoint has several fantastic features by default, but PowerPoint Macros can be developed to run when specific actions have occurred. This lets us use it to create complex interactions with just Microsoft PowerPoint.

5. PowerPoint Is Secure: While presentation tools are an invaluable way to design engaging meetings, they also come with some security risks for some companies. Many companies make sure that policies that state anything that is created by its employees are needed to be kept confidential. Some companies even limit employees from storing company materials on any location other than shared company storage drives. Fortunately, PowerPoint presentations can be stored on shared network drives, which help to avoid the risk of data and information leaks. This is very different from other presentation tools that have cloud-based storage, that can be leaked much more easily.

6. Job Opportunity and Career Advancement.

Benefits Of Microsoft Powerpoint

There are lots of benefits of using Microsoft Powerpoint Software for making your slides and presentations and below are some of them. 

1. Powerpoint brings more energy and visual impact to your presentations.

2. Microsoft Powerpoint allows you to work with others in your team without having to wait for your turn.

3. Powerpoint allows you to add video files to your presentation to enhance the viewer experience

4. Powerpoint allows you to imagine how your presentation will be just-in-time and allows you to easily and beautifully tell the story. 

5. Powerpoint allows you to access your presentations from more locations and across more devices.

6. Powerpoint allows you to create high-quality presentations with awesome graphics.

7. Powerpoint helps you to captivate your audience with new transitions, slides and improved animations.

8. PowerPoint allows you to organize and print your slide presentation more effectively.

9. Powerpoint helps you get things done faster.

10. Powerpoint allows you to work on multiple presentations and on multiple monitors.

Microsoft Powerpoint Course Outline

Microsoft Powerpoint - Introduction

Microsoft Powerpoint - Setting Up Your PowerPoint Environment

Microsoft Powerpoint - Presentation Basics

Microsoft Powerpoint - Text Basics

Microsoft Powerpoint - Themes and Background Styles

Microsoft Powerpoint - Pictures and Clip Art

Microsoft Powerpoint - Working with Lists

Microsoft Powerpoint - Proofing Slides

Microsoft Powerpoint - Viewing and Printing Slides

Microsoft Powerpoint - WordArt and Shapes

Microsoft Powerpoint - Working with Tables

Microsoft Powerpoint - Working with Charts

Microsoft Powerpoint - Inserting Movies

Microsoft Powerpoint - Inserting Sound

Microsoft Powerpoint - Animating Text and Objects

Microsoft Powerpoint - Using Transitions

Microsoft Powerpoint - Using the Slide Master

Microsoft Powerpoint - SmartArt Illustrations

Microsoft Powerpoint - Hyperlinks and Action Buttons

Microsoft Powerpoint - Arrange Objects

Microsoft Powerpoint - Indentation and Line Spacing

Microsoft Powerpoint - Finalize a Presentation and Package for CD

Microsoft Powerpoint - Video Lectures 

Microsoft Powerpoint - Exams And Certification

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