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Microsoft Word Course And Certification

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What is Microsoft Word? 

Microsoft Word is a software application developed by Microsoft Inc. which allows users to type, edit, format and process texts and images. It is a word processing software package used to create letters, memos, newspapers, minutes, tables and presentations just to mention a few. 

Microsoft Word is also known as Word or MS-Word. It is flexible and one of the most used word processing software developed and marketed by Microsoft Inc. 

Microsoft Word or MS-Word provides a one-stop solution to all your documentation needs, ranging from a simple letter, to a colorful brochure, an official portfolio for a product, quotation for a service, the list is endless. 

Benefits of Microsoft Word: 

The benefit of Microsoft Word is endless, some of which are: 

1. Microsoft Word offers an easy to use navigation pane at the top, so you can see the visual representation. 

2. Microsoft Word can easily integrate with other Microsoft Office programs.  

3. Microsoft Word offers continuous improvements and upgrades. 

4. Microsoft Word lets you create simple word processing documents such as letters, memos, tables, presentations, etc.

5. Microsoft Word offers easy to use templates to help you create numerous complex documentation and presentations such as calendars, greeting cards, brochures, etc.

6. Microsoft Word helps to simplify home and office documentation tasks. 

7. It offers an interface for content search and citations. 

8. If offers advanced word proofing tools. 

9. It comes with robust formatting tools. 

10. It works with PDFs. 

11. It offers mail merge. 

12. It offers real-time collaboration. 

13. It offers pre-designed templates ranging from a simple document to brochures, certificates, visiting cards, and invitations.

14. It offers tools to create and customize attractive documents, that are easy to share, print and collaborate on. 

15. Microsoft word allows us to save, open and edit documents in other formats that are compatible with word processing applications including PDF formats. 

16. It offers easy reading mode and writing mode so that we can change between reading and editing modes of documents easily and smoothly. 

17. It allows saving and exporting documents in various formats. 

Features of Microsoft Word:  

The features of Microsoft Word are endless, some of which are: 

1. Type, Edit, Search Content, Information, or Material.

2. Bing Search Inclusive

3. Access Credible Sources

4. Add Citations

5. Proofing Tools

6. Create More Impactful Documents

7. Improve Writing Skills

8. Design Documents Using Formatting Tools

9. Edit PDF Files and Contents

10. Mail Merge

11. Find A Feature

12. Simple and Advanced Templates

13. Customized Application Workspace Toolbar Layouts

14. Integrated Graphics Drawing and Image Manipulation

15. Macro Scripting Support

16. Retina Display Support

17. Full-Screen Mode

18. Task Pane

19. Smart Lookup

20. Collaboration Tools and Features

21. Co-Authoring Capabilities

22. Track Changes

23. Commenting and Reply System

24. Skype Integration 

Benefits of learning Microsoft Word

1. Extreme Availability: Whether you are working from home, or from your office or even at school, Microsoft Word is one of the most available software programs that is found in almost all computers. Since it is one of the most widely used word-processing software applications in the world you can simply assume that it would be installed on the pc of anyone that you are sharing your documents with, even if they are living across the end of the world. Also, Microsoft Word even gives you the option to create, save, open and edit your document in other formats that can work on other word processing software applications including PDF or on its own early versions, making sure that anyone anywhere in the world would be able to directly access and edit the document you have spent your time and energy into.

2. Integrate with other MS Office programs: A Microsoft Word document could be easily integrated into other MS Office software which makes the sharing of data to be easy as counting the alphabets. If you have a spreadsheet file that is developed with Microsoft Excel, MS Word allows you to easily import that spreadsheet into an existing Microsoft Word document while a document that is developed with Microsoft Word can be easily used in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or on any other Microsoft Office application.

3. Instant help with language: With its very broad and comprehensive dictionary, thesaurus and help with grammar in over 40 different languages, Microsoft Word has the ability to find out spellings, grammar errors, and syntax errors automatically and instantly and it provides provide you with a series of solutions to match the sentence and document that you are working on. What’s more, MS Word can also detect the language you are using and automate the corrections in accordance with a setting that lets you combine several languages in a single document.

4. Easy reading and easy writing: MS word lets you change between editing and reading modes of a document smoothly and easily. While read mode offers you the necessary and essential tools for reading with texts stacked in columns, the editing mode lets you create and format a document with a very professional look by joining together texts with images, diagrams, charts, and videos.

5. Easy to collaborate: By turning on your file saving on One Drive or on SharePoint by default, you can collaborate with teams on a single Microsoft Word document or with your friends by sending them a link to the same document, and assigning either viewing or editing permission or both.

Microsoft Word Study: 

Here we highlight some of the things you will learn in this course: 

You will learn: How to Create Tables, Editing and Formating. 

How to Insert Bullets and Numbers, 

How to Insert Themes to my document.

How to Insert Graphics and Pictures.

How to Save, Save as and Creating a New Blank document.

How to Crop Pictures using Microsoft word.

How to Landscape, Underline, and Make Sentence Bold.

How to Type and Edit also formatting as well.

How to Insert Symbols using Microsoft word.

Creating, Naming, and Saving a Document.

Formatting (bold, italics, font sizes, aligning text).

Creating lists (bullet vs. numbered).

Line spacing, Creating Columns, Paragraphs.

Inserting a bookmark, Inserting an image.

Hyperlinking, Line spacing, Creating columns.

Find and replace, Grammar and spell checking.

Insert page break, Text alignment, Insert rows.

Merging cells, Changing word direction, Insert header

Insert footer, Insert date printing, File Management.

Font Specification, Header, Footer and Page Numbering, etc.

In The Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Word with Certification of Completion to showcase your knowledge and competence. 

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