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Mobile Marketing Course And Certification

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What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a well-defined and generally accepted marketing strategy to promote various products and services through mobile devices. Mobile Marketing is the future trend for Marketing products and services.

Today, Mobile Marketing is being practiced by almost all traders and businessmen across the world by which they can reach, communicate and engage with their potential audiences or customers in a very interactive and relevant manner. Companies employing Mobile Marketing can create short, but interactive messages to promote their business, specifically to be delivered on Mobile Devices.

Mobile Devices have gained unprecedented and undeniable importance in our lives, today. People around the world generally choose Mobile Devices as their preferred medium to connect with other people, get information or even do their business. As a result of this, many businesses are actively looking for new Mobile Marketing strategies to reach out to their audience and potential customers.

Mobile Marketing is a generally accepted and common technique that almost every company use, irrespective of the business model they operate on. Whether you are an eCommerce giant such as Amazon or are you are a manufacturing company such as General Motors, every business that has a marketing campaign is following a “mobile-first” approach when it comes to the area of creating a marketing strategy for their businesses.

Business owners are also aware that the use and impact of Mobile Phones presently have gone up since the days of the simple text & voice messages. People place orders of meals from a restaurant, they buy and read a book/magazine or news items, and find a childhood friend who relocated a long time ago, all with a single tap on their smartphones and mobile devices.

Features of Mobile Marketing

Some of the Features of Mobile Marketing Includes:

1. Multi-Channel Marketing: The Multi-channel marketing feature is the ability to market the same content using different outlets. This can involve anything from the traditional sources like print up to digital sources eg, websites, to social media sources such as Twitter of Facebook.

2. Automation: Just as many Marketing Softwares allow for automation, the same feature is super important for Mobile Marketing. In areas where dedicated Mobile efforts are not possible, automation is a very good option. Many Marketers make sure that the contents from the web would easily fit on Mobile devices, with some automation in the right place to be able to shift those messages from one platform to another without any problem.

3. Responsive Design: The importance of having a responsive design cannot be argued well enough. Responsive design makes sure that your website will look good and function very well, not minding whether your customer is viewing it on a desktop, a phone or a tablet. This not only makes sure of a seamless experience for your users but it also gets you points with Google to increase visibility.

4. Analytics: One of the most important but often hardest areas of Mobile Marketing is your being able to keep track of your efforts back to Mobile devices. Without that, you will have no idea of how well your Mobile Marketing campaigns are performing or how much budget to distribute to them.

5. Location-Based Functionality: Making use of the Mobile device itself, location-based functionality is a very unique aspect of Mobile Marketing that can equip you with the right marketing content to the right consumers at the right time with various technologies such as Bluetooth beacons, GPS  and NFC.

Benefits Of Mobile Marketing

There are many benefits of Mobile Marketing and some of them are:

1. Mobile Marketing lets a business target and reaches a much wider and broader market.

2. Mobile Marketing lets you get instant results of your campaign.

3. Mobile Marketing is very easy to work with.

4. Mobile Marketing is very convenient to use.

5. Communication with a very large audience through mobile communication is made very easy.

6. With Mobile Marketing comes Mobile payment and this lets you easily accept payments from your customers right from your mobile device.

Why Study Mobile Marketing

1. Since most customers of organizations are using mobile devices, knowledge of mobile marketing is very important to be able to reach their target audience.

2. If you want to be digital marketing, you need knowledge of Mobile Marketing to be able to advertise products to a vast audience.

3. Mobile Marketing lets a business target and reaches a much wider and broader market and make more sales because the digital trend is more of a mobile market. 

4. Job opportunities and career advancement.

Mobile Marketing Course Outline

Mobile Marketing - Introduction

Mobile Marketing - Mobile Technology & Reach

Mobile Marketing - Strategies

Mobile Marketing - Policies

Mobile Marketing - Overview & Process

Mobile Marketing - SMS Campaign

Mobile Marketing - Website Marketing Strategies

Mobile Marketing - Apps Marketing Strategies

Mobile Marketing - Advertising Ecosystem

Mobile Marketing - Social Media Marketing

Mobile Marketing - E-Mail Marketing

Mobile Marketing - M-Commerce

Mobile Marketing - Video Lectures 

Mobile Marketing - Exams and Certification

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