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Online Copywriting Course And Certification

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What is Online Copywriting?

Online Copywriting is the art or process of writing advertisment and promotional content particularly for increasing brand awareness and sales. 

Copywriters are individuals who are responsible for the text that you see on brochures, websites, billboards, emails, advertisements, web catalogs, and others. 

Unlike regular news or editorial writing, copywriting is all about getting the reader to take action in what you wrote about. That action might be to purchase a product, opt-in, or engage with a product, service, or company. That is why a copywriter is often referred to as “a salesman in print section.”

Copywriting should not be confused with the term “copyright.” Copyright means that an individual or a company has the exclusive legal right to publish, reproduce, sell, or distribute another persons work (such as music, books, artistic items). The purpose of a copyright is to protect a material and prevent illegal use of the material by agents that are unauthorized. 

Features Of Copywriting

Here are some defined characteristics of great copywriting that content creators of all areas can emulate:

1. Structured: Brilliant copywriters know what they want to say and how to get it down on the page in a logical sequence. Their words would make it a clear point right from the get-go and use an introductory paragraph to hint at what is coming to them.

2. Purposeful: Before starting a writing task, all top copywriters ask, “where will this copy go and what does it need to achieve?” By understanding the purpose of the writing, the copywriter can also ask the right questions, to get the most interesting and relevant information to write about. 

3. Chameleon-like: As well as ensuring the words on the page are suitable for the format, the best writers meld their language into the company’s style. Even when working inside your house, different writers might be asked to produce separate sections of a website or sections of a brochure, and a savvy copywriter would always check the overall tone, and make sure that what they are writing fits and achieves consistency across the board.

4. Accessible: To better connect with the reader, a writer should directly address his or her audience and write in a conversational style.Gauging how formal or informal to be is important. Complex jargon should be avoided to maximize comprehension, but excessive dumbing things down can be patronizing.

5. Original: To make sure they’re writing something original about your company, a quality copywriter will first check out how competitors describe themselves and put all those words into a banned list. Then they’ll think about your company’s ‘unique value proposition or how it does things differently rather than how to say the same thing in a different way. 

6. SEO Optimized: A writer who is writing for brand awareness or product promotions must be able to research on related keywords that are trending and make sure his writeups includes some of these keywords for visibility on search engines. Some of the tools used in suggesting trending keywords include: Google Trend and SEM Rush among others.

Benefits of Copywriting

1. Save You and Your Employees Time

2. Present Quality Content to Your Audience

3. Eliminate Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors

4. Generate Persuasive and Convincing Copy

5. Get Fresh Eyes on Your Industry

6. Enjoy Stress-Free Web Optimization

7. Increases Brand Awareness and Authenticity

Why Study Copywriting

1. Gain essential copywriting skills for online publishing, brand awareness, product sales and promotion.

2. Increase your earning potential as a writer. 

3. Become a copywriting professional with good pay.

4. Job opportuniues and career advancement.

5. Enrich your CV and attract better jobs. 

Online Copywriting Course Outline

Online Copywriting - Introduction

Online Copywriting - Harnessing the power of emotional copywriting to persuade your prospects

Online Copywriting - Three big ideas you should use before benefits

Online Copywriting - The Process for developing customer empathy

Online Copywriting - The Flattery that will get you everywhere

Online Copywriting - The Secret of emotionally engaging copy

Online Copywriting - Connecting on social media

Online Copywriting - The best way to ask for the order

Online Copywriting - Five pleasure-inducing techniques for copywriters

Online Copywriting - How to engage your imagination and free your creativity

Online Copywriting - Finding your voice (and that of others)

Online Copywriting - The definitive way to judge when grammar matters in copywriting

Online Copywriting - Methods of injecting life into your sales pitch

Online Copywriting - Video Lectures

Online Copywriting - Exams and Certification

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