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Online Publishing & Blogging Course And Certification

Online Publishing & Blogging Course, Online Publishing & Blogging Certificate, Online Publishing & Blogging Training. 

What is Online Publishing and Blogging?

Online Publishing and Blogging refers to the process of publishing content and articles regularly on an online webpage known as Web-Log (shortened to Blog).

A Blog is an online journal or informational website whose main focus is to display informational articles in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views on various subjects, issues and trending topics.

Posting your updates on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter is basically not considered as Online Publishing. Instead, Online Publishing refers to uploading content professionally to unique webpages or websites.

The whole process of Online Blogging and Publishing contents online involves: Designing, coding the site to life, Pushing it to a web server and then Updating content regularly on the webpages with a CMS. Online Publishing and Blogging is made up of personal sites, business sites, and community websites in addition to e-books and mini-blogs. 

The content that is meant for Online Publishing may include: text, gifs, videos, digital images, artworks, and other forms of media. Bloggers must have a web server, a web publishing software, and an Internet connection to carry out Online Publishing. Online Publishing is also known as Web Publishing. 

Since Online Publishing and Blogging does not need physical materials such as ink and paper, It cost almost nothing to publish content on the web. Therefore anyone with a webserver, CMS Software, and an internet connection can be a Web Publisher or Online Publisher. 

Also, the audience is limitless since the content posted on the web can be viewed by practically anyone that has a device and internet connection. These advantages of web publishing has have led to a new era of Online Publishing that was never possible before.

Features of Online Publishing and Blogging

There are many Features Of Online Publishing. Below are some of the features of an Online Publishing and Blogging.

1. Web Server: A Web server is a Software Program that makes use of  HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) to serve the files that form Web Pages to users, in response to the requests made from the user browser, which are forwarded by the user's computers' HTTP clients. Without a Web Server, the digital content would not be available to users on the world wide web (WWW).

2. Domain Name: A Domain name is simply your website name. A domain name is the address where users can access your website over the internet. A Domain name is used for locating computers that are connected on the internet. Computers make use of IP addresses for locating resources on the internet, which is a series of number, But it is difficult for we humans to remember a string of numbers, therefore domain names were developed and used to identify computers on the internet rather than using IP addresses.

3. CMS: A CMS which is the short form of Content Management System is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content on the web. For Online Publishing and Blogging, you need a CMS to be able to regularly update content on your site, because without CMS, you would have to manually be editing the HTML content of your site to create the structure of the post. Using a CMS solves the issue by allowing you to focus on just the text and it offers you tools that help to format your content. 

4. Content Creator: A content creator is popularly known as a Writer. A writer is in charge of creating readable and understandable articles to suit the audience needs. He also has the responsibility of posting the created content or articles professionally on webpages with the help of a CMS. 

Advantages Of Online Publishing and Blogging

The benefits are enormous, some of which are: 

1. Gain Influence: Producing good content attracts visitors who keeps coming back to your site, why? Because you have gained their trust and they see value.

2. Gain more insights about your followers: Blogging and Publishing online is an easy and effective way to obtain information on what consumers want, or dislike and companies are ready to pay for this information.

3. Learn SEO tricks: Publishing good content online is a prerequisite in order to be noticed online. Create good quality content that visitors are interested in sharing and the big corps like Google is bound to take notice.

4. Opens up opportunities: A constant stream of visits to your blog will also increase the potential to attract interest from prospects.

5. Educate and help others: A good blog can educate, inspire and help readers in ways the blogger may never know.

6. Serves as a feedback mechanism: Get instant feedback from visitors, via comments upvotes and downvotes. This ensures that at every point in time you know what content to put out there for your readers. 

7. Be perceived as an expert in your field: This takes time and effort, and won’t happen in the twinkle of an eye, through consistency and good blogging, visitors to your blog would perceive you as an expert.

8. Low Cost of Publishing and Running: Compare to traditional publishing, online publishing is cost effective to run.

9. Broader Audience: Blogging and Publishing contents online makes you have a broader audience for your content.

10. Publishing Contents Online reduces the time it takes to create content because you have a broad number of tools and resources to make and edit the content and in just one click, your post is visible to all your audience.

11. It offers higher return on investment for publishers and newspaper organizations.

Why Study Online Publishing and Blogging?

1. Get rewarded: Online publishing and blogging attract rewards such as online popularity, connections and networking, publishing content takes a lot of courage and with time attracts a lot of rewards.

2. Streamlines your thoughts: Having to organize your ideas and insights into structured content is regarded as an art, doing this everyday makes you a master.

3. Enhances Growth: Persistent online publishing and blogging enhances brand growth and is a journey towards self discovery.

4. Reach a wide audience: Online publishing and blogging is not restricted by border or geographical locations, takes only a matter of minutes for content to seen all over the world.

5. Increase Your Earning Potential: Online publishing can be a very lucrative business, venturing in this field with the right tools, consistency and focus, you are on your way to increasing your earning potential either on full-time or on part-time basis. 

6. Career Advancement: Online publishing course and certification can land you both office and remote jobs giving you an edge in your career.

Online Publishing and Blogging Study:

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Online Publishing and Blogging with Diploma Certification to showcase your knowledge and competence. 

Format: Web & Video Lectures.

Prerequisite: No Prerequisite.

Certification: Diploma.

Online Publishing and Blogging Course Outline:

Online Publishing and Blogging - Introduction 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Subscribing to Blogs 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Developing Your Blog 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Choosing a Blog Service 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Writing and Promoting Your Blog 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Copyright and Fair Use 

Online Publishing and Blogging - How to Start a Blog 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Learn How to Use WordPress 

Online Publishing and Blogging - How to Write and Create Great Blog Content 

Online Publishing and Blogging - How to Promote your Blog and Its Content 

Online Publishing and Blogging - How to Make Money From Your Blog 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Blogging Tools and Resources 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Video Lectures 

Online Publishing and Blogging - Exams and Certification 

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