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Phalcon Course And Certification

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What is Phalcon?

Phalcon is an open-source, full-stack, software development framework for PHP developers, that was written as an extension of C. Phalcon is optimized for developing high-performance web apps and software. Its unique software architecture allows the framework to always be free of memory issues, presenting its functionality whenever it is needed, without the expensive file stats and file reads that regular PHP frameworks make use of.

Phalcon is a PHP web framework that is developed based on the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern. initially released in 2012, it is an open-source framework that was released and licensed under the terms of the BSD License.

Phalcon is introduced as one of the more recent frameworks of PHP, which was developed by a group of passionate and enthusiastic software developers. Phalcon is a loosely coupled framework, which means it allows its objects to be used as glue components, based on the needs of the application.

Unlike most popular PHP frameworks, Phalcon is executed as a web server extension that was written in Zephir and C, which is aimed at boosting the speed of execution, reducing the usage of resources, and handling more HTTP requests per second than similar frameworks which were primarily written in PHP. One drawback of this approach is that administrative/root access is required on the server to install Phalcon by building a custom binary or by using using a precompiled version.

Features and Benefits of Phalcon

There are many features of Phalcon and some of them are:

1. Performance: The performance of Phalcon software is a feature that separates it from other regular PHP frameworks. Phalcon has a mixture of both PHP and C codes, each of them can be made use of as a standalone module. The compilation of every request is taken note of on a higher speed in Phalcon which makes everything look 'out-of-the-box'.

2. C Language: Phalcon is compatible with C language which greatly increases the rate of compilation. Also, C in combination with Phalcon presents developers ORM (Object Relational Mapping) which provides consistency with the created application models. Every model that is created in Phalcon is associated with the table of the relational databases. ORM in Phalcon is completely implemented in C.

3. Developer Tools: Developer tools are used for building web applications. These tools help you with generating application scaffolds with a combination of all the CRUD (Create Read Update Delete)features. Developer tools also come with extensible support for third party libraries to be implemented into Phalcon.

4. Object Relational Mapping: Phalcon offers support for a wide range of databases. It is not limited to just accessing only relational databases. It supports both relational and non-relational databases which are just like adding a feather to the cap of the Phalcon framework.

Why Study Phalcon 

There are many benefits of the Phalcon framework course and some of them are:

1. Phalcon is a full-stack and open-source framework, and it is also free and easily accessible.

2. A developer who needs to use Phalcon needs quite a lesser amount of code to take advantage of several components.

3. It can be used to develop an independent framework as required. For example, if we just need to use Phalcon's Cache component, we can use it in any software application that was written either in pure PHP or by using a framework.

4. For a developer who already has knowledge of Object- Relational Modeling (ORM) and Model-View-Controller (MVC), working with Phalcon is like a piece of cake.

5. Become a Phalcon Professional.

6. Job Opportunities and Career Advancement.

7. Increase Your Earning Potential. 

Phalcon Course Outline

Phalcon - Introduction

Phalcon - Overview

Phalcon - Environmental Setup

Phalcon - Application Structure

Phalcon - Functionality

Phalcon - Configuration

Phalcon - Controllers

Phalcon - Models

Phalcon - Views

Phalcon - Routing

Phalcon - Database Connectivity

Phalcon - Switching Databases

Phalcon - Scaffolding Application

Phalcon - Query Language

Phalcon - Database Migration

Phalcon - Cookie Management

Phalcon - Session Management

Phalcon - Multi-Lingual Support

Phalcon - Asset Management

Phalcon - Working with Forms

Phalcon - Object Document Mapper

Phalcon - Security Features

Phalcon - Video Lectures

Phalcon - Exams And Certification

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