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Pinterest Marketing Course And Certification

Pinterest Course, Pinterest Certificate, Pinterest Training. 

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest Marketing is using the Pinterest social platform as a tool to increase the awareness of a business in order to market products and services.

Pinterest Marketing is not just for bloggers but also for businesses looking to increase their audience utilizing a visual platform. 

Pinterest is a social media platform that enebles users to share creative visual content, that is similar to Instagram, but it is different being that every Pin can be linked back to your website or other content. Instagram currently only allows links in ads or in the biography section, so it is not useful if you are looking for traffic to your website, product pages or blog.

Sharing or posting content on Pinterest is called “Pinning.” Users “pin” a piece of new content to a “board.” A board is a collection of Pins that usually share a common theme. You can create a new boards based around any topic from classic cars to parenting tips.

Features of Pinterest

There are many features of pininterest, and some of them are: 

Here are a few of the features that are available in Pinterest:

  1. Boards: Boards are containers of similarly categorized content; each board contains content with a similar theme or interest; for example, one board might be “New Mom Advice” while another is all about securing your finances “Long-term Financial Planning for Youths and Millennials”
  2. Secret boards: Secret boards are just the same as regular boards, except that no one but you or those that you have invited to Pin on that particular board with you is able to see a secret board; you can convert a secret board to a public one at any time.
  3. Group boards: Group boards work the same as regular boards except there are multiple pinners sharing content on a group board
  4. Pin: A Pin is a graphic or image that you add to a board; a Pin will usually link to an external website like a blog post, sales page or product page
  5. Repin: Repinning is when you take on someone's else content that was already pinned on Pinterest and Pin it to one of the boards that you own, by repinning, you are sharing it on your own Pinterest profile

Benefits of Pinterest

There are many Benefits of Pinterest, and some of them are:

  1. Pinterest reaches a gross 83 percent of all the women 25 to 54 in the United States, which is more than Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter
  2. Pinterest pins last around 1,600 times longer than a regular Facebook post.
  3. 78 percent of Pinterest users say that the content they read from a business has helped them make better purchasing decisions
  4. 60 percent of Pinterest user say they have discovered a new brand or product from Pinterest
  5. Pinterest users spend around 29 percent more on purchases than users from other social media sites
  6. 10 percent of Pinterest users make $125,000 a year or more.

Pinterest Marketing Course Outline: 

Pinterest Marketing - Introduction

Pinterest Marketing - Basics

Pinterest Marketing - Account Settings

Pinterest Marketing - Interface

Pinterest Marketing - Pinning

Pinterest Marketing - Pinnable Images

Pinterest Marketing - Rich Pins

Pinterest Marketing - Promote Pins

Pinterest Marketing - Promoted Pins

Pinterest Marketing - Tracking Traffic

Pinterest Marketing - Planning a Campaign

Pinterest Marketing - Drive Traffic

Pinterest Marketing - Generate Customer Loyality

Pinterest Marketing - Video Lectures

Pinterest Marketing - Exams and Certification

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