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Project Management Tech Course And Certification

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What is Project Management Technology? 

Project Management Tech is the technologies used in the managerial process of any project such as hardwares and software applications to save time and cost. 

No doubt the introduction of technology to Project Management helps Managers perform better in that it majorly helps to reduce cost of planning and execution as well as saves time and duration of any project.  

What is Project Management? 

Project Management is the appropriate application of Managerial Skills such as Planning, Controlling and Executing towards meeting the goals of a project.

A Project can be defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken to creating a unique product, service, or desired result. 

Benefits of Project Management Technology: 

Some of the benefits of Project Management Tech include: 

1. It reduces cost and increase performance.

2. It saves time and duration of project.

3. It helps both managers and team perform better.

4. It help in adequate project monitoring and controlling.

5. It help in creating unique product, service and desire results.

6. Communication with stakeholders and project team is seamless.

7. It enables global work delegation.

8. It offers work synchronization.

9. It helps in delivering projects on time.

10. It helps in proper management of project expenditure.

11. It also reduces cost of planning and execution of the project.

12. It helps in proper tracking and statistics of work progress. 

13. It helps the project manager to analyze workload within the workforce. 

14. It helps the project manager to develop schedule and assign resources to tasks effectively. 

15. It helps project managers to develop template for a particular task.

16. It helps project managers and team to stay productive and deliver optimally.

Project Management Categories: 

Project Management is achieved through the appropriate application and organized integration of the 47 logically grouped project management processes, which are categorized into 5 Process Groups and 10 knowledge areas namely:

1. Integration Management

2. Scope Management

3. Time Management

4. Cost Management

5. Quality Management

6. Human Resources Management

7. Procurement Management

8. Risk Management

9. Stakeholder Management

10. Communication management.

In project lifecycles, we have these stages:

1. Initiation

2. Planning

3. Execution

4. Monitoring & Controlling and

5. Closing or Exit.

And the project management phases are the initiation stage, planning stage, execution stage, monitoring and controlling stage, and closing stage.

It is important to know the key constraints in project management which are majorly 5 and are:

1. Cost,

2. Resources,

3. Quality,

4. Scope

5. Time.

Project Management Technology Tools includes:

1. Hardwares: such as plug and play devices, telecom devices etc.

2. Softwares: such as software applications i.e Microsoft Project etc.

The Top 10 Project Management Softwares includes: 

1. Microsoft Project

2. Wrike 

3. Monday.com

4. Clarizon

5. Project Manager

5. Meister Task

6. Zoho Projects

7. Workamajig Platinum

8. Backlog

9. Bitrix24

In this course, we will first introduce you to Project Management basics and then take you on the major software used in Project Management. You will become a Competent Project Manager with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge and competence.

Project Management Tech Course Outline: 

Project Management Tech - Project Management Basics

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Introduction

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Settings

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Introduction

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Getting Started

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Create A New Plan

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Set Up Resources

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Resources To Task

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Plan Duration Cost

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Track Progress

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Advance Schedule

Project Management Tech - MS Project - Status Reporting

Project Management Tech - Exams and Certification

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