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Python Hacking Course And Certification

Python Hacking Course, Python Hacking Certificate, Python Hacking Training, Python Hacking Study, Ethical Hacking with Python. 

What is Python Hacking? 

Python Hacking is the use of Python programming language to effectively and extensively carry out ethical hacking.

Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programing language. Python is a very simple language yet powerful scripting language, it is open-source and object-oriented with great libraries used for both hacking and for writing very useful normal programs.

Ethical Hacking is a penetration testing carried out by legally breaking into computers and devices to test an organization system defenses, strengths, weaknesses and vulnerability. 

Python is also used as a support language for software developers, for build control and management, testing, and in many other ways.

Python is high-level programing language. In the future and present, Python will continue to be used in ethical hacking, learning to hack with python is fun and you'll learn python programming in the best way, and the fact that there's an excellent demand for python developers in the market, you will also find python hacking an interesting career. 

Everyone knows that passwords aren't stored as a clear text within the website’s database. Now we are getting to see the way to hack a clear text password once you find a password that's in hashed(md5) format. So we take the input_hash(hashed password within the database) and check out to match it with md5 hash of each plain text password which is during a password file(pass_doc) and when the hashes are matched we simply display the plain text password which is within the password file(pass_doc). If the password isn't present within the input password file it'll say password isn't found, this happens as long as buffer overflow doesn’t occur. this sort of attack are often considered as a dictionary attack.

Features Of Python Hacking

Python has gained its popularity mostly due to its super powerful yet easy to use libraries. Sure Python has awesome readability and it's really simple, yet powerful. Nothing really beats the very fact that your job as a developer is formed super simple with these libraries, such as AI has Pytorch and Tensorflow while Data Science has Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib.

Similarly, Python is brilliant for ethical hacking for these subsequent reasons:

  1. Python has awesome performances i.e Nifty python libraries like Pulsar, NAPALM, NetworkX etc it makes developing network tools a breeze.
  2. Ethical hackers generally develop little scripts and python being a scripting language provides an amazing performance for little programs.
  3. Python features a huge community, hence any doubt related programming is quickly solved by the community.
  4. Learning Python also exposes your doors to many other career opportunities.

Benefits Of Python Hacking

1. Just like the developers, hackers are also happy with Python's beautiful benefits which makes it a popular tool for ethical hacking.

2. The advantages of Python Hacking include a simple to select up syntax, a breadth of online tutorials support, an in depth collection of libraries and other ready-made tools available in places like PyPI and GitHub.

3. Python Hacking helps to be able to implement a known attack methodology quickly.

4. Python is open-source and object-oriented and it has great libraries that can be used for both hacking and for writing very useful normal programs other than hacking programs.

5. Python is a powerful language and the introduction of Python into ethical hacking has effectively improve computer security.

Why Study Python Hacking

1. Gain essential Python hacking extensive skills.

2. Become a Python hacking professional.

3. Job opportunities and career advancement.

4. Enrich your CV and attract better jobs.

5. Increase your earning potential.

Python Hacking Course Outline:

1. Python Hacking - Preparation for Hacking

1.1 Starting Python 

1.2 Basic Grammar 

1.3 Functions 

1.4 Class and Object 

1.5 Exception Handling 

1.6 Module 

1.7 File Handling 

1.8 String Format 

2. Python Hacking - Application Hacking 

2.1 Basic Concept for a Windows Application 

2.2 Message Hooking Utilizing ctypes 

2.3 API hook utilizing pydbg module

2.4 Image File Hacking 

3. Python Hacking - Web Hacking 

3.1 Overview of Web Hacking 

3.2 Configure Test Environment 

3.3 SQL Injection 

3.4 Password Cracking Attack 

3.5 Web Shell Attack 

4. Python Hacking - Network Hacking 

4.1 Network Hacking Introduction 

4.2 Configure a Test Environment 

4.3 Vulnerability Analysis via Port Scanning

4.4 Stealing Credentials Using Packet Sniffing 

4.5 Overview of a DoS Attack 

4.6 DoS - Ping of Death 

4.7 DoS - TCP SYN Flood

4.8 DoS - Slowloris Attack

5. Python Hacking - System Hacking 

5.1 System Hacking Overview 

5.2 Backdoor 

5.3 Registry 

5.4 Buffer Overflow 

5.5 Stack-Based Buffer Overflow 

5.6 SEH Based Buffer Overflow 

6. Python Hacking - Conclusion

6.1 Hacking Tools

7. Python Hacking - Video Lectures

8. Python Hacking - Exams and Certification

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