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QTP - Quick Test Professional Course And Certification

QTP - Quick Test Professional Course, QTP - Quick Test Professional Certificate, QTP - Quick Test Professional Training. 

What is QTP - Quick Test Professional?

The HP QuickTest Professional mostly abbreviated as QTP is an automated functional testing tool that helps software testers to carry out automated regression testing in order to find out any gaps, errors/defects that are contrary to the desired results of the application that is under test. This course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the HP QuickTest Professional software, it's a way of usage, how to record, and playback application tests, sync points, actions, checkpoints, test results, object repository, debugging, etc. and other related terminologies.

QTP is a product of Hewlett Packard (HP) and it is a tool that helps software testers to carry out automated functional testing effortlessly, without monitoring, once the script development is concluded. HP QTP makes use of Visual Basic Scripting (VBScript) for automating application testing. The Scripting Engine does not need not be installed exclusively, as it is made available as a part of the Windows Operating System. The current stable version of VBScript as of writing is v5.8, which is available as a part of the Windows 7 OS. VBScript is NOT an object-oriented language but it is an object-based language.

QTP is a Functional application testing tool, which is well versed for regression testing of mobile applications. QTP is a licensed/commercial tool that is owned by HP, which is one of the most popular tools that is available in the market. It analyzes and compares the actual and expected result and reports the results in the executive summary.

Components of QTP

1. Test Pane: This is like an editor screen, where we can generate automation script using recording modes or by writing script manually and also we can perform required editing operations. The test pane contains the keyword view and expert view. In the keyword view, the script generates simple understandable language in terms of Item, Operation, Value, and Documentation, In this view script is easy to understand without VB script knowledge. While in the expert view, by default script generates in VB Script. Expert View is preferred because it is easy to write the script manually.

2. Test details pane – (Active Screen): There are steps to take to set the active screen level, this includes navigating to the Select Tools -> Option, Click on Active screen tab, Set the capture level, Click on Apply & Click on OK. The drawback here is, when QTP starts capturing the images, it takes relatively more time to execute the script and to generate the results. It consumes more space.

3. Data table (.xls): This component is used for Data-Driven Testing or parametrization. i.e, testing AUT with multiple records from the data table. It has 2 sheets named Global and Action1.

4. Information Window: This window displays information to the user like ‘Syntax is Valid’ or ‘Syntax is Invalid’.

5. Debug Viewer: This component is used to debug the script for identifying the logical errors. Debug viewer has 3 tabs which include the watch, variables, and command.

6. Missing Resources Window: This window displays if any of the resources of the script are missing like external action, library file, data file, etc.

Features of QTP

1. XPath and CSS based object identification: This allows you to identify objects not only by using normal object identification but by using XPath and CSS identifier properties.

2. Good Looking and Enhanced Results Viewer: The new and greatly improved results viewer in QTP implements an executive summary page together with application summary data, pie charts, and statistics for both the current and previous runs and also a quick link to the previous run results.

3. Easy Regular Expressions: You can now create a regex pattern with the help of syntax suggestions. A Regular Expression Evaluator is made available to test the regular expressions that you have developed.

4. Load Function Libraries at Run Time: With the help of the LoadFunctionLibrary statement in QTP, you can now load a library function when a step runs instead of starting it at the beginning of a run session.

5. Test Your GUI and UI-Less Application Functionality in One Test: Since QTP is integrated together with Service Test, you can now test both your GUI and non-GUI based applications in a single run.

Benefits of QTP

There are many benefits of QTP, and some of them are:

1. To develop automated tests with QTP by making use of VBScript does not need you to be a highly-skilled software programmer and it is relatively easy when you compare it to other object-oriented computer programming languages.

2. QTP is easy to use, its eases navigation results validation, and generates reports.

3. QTP is readily Integrated with Test Management Tools which facilitates easy scheduling and monitoring.

4. QTP can also be used for testing Mobile Applications.

5. Since QTP is an HP product, it is fully supported by HP and by its forums for addressing technical issues.

Why Study QTP?

1. Automated Testing: It helps you to perform automated regression testing seamlessly without monitoring.

2. Job Opportunities and Career Advancement

3. Increase Your Earning Potential.

QTP Course Outline

QTP - Introduction

QTP - Test Automation

QTP - Environment Setup

QTP - Record and Play Back

QTP - Object Repository

QTP - Actions

QTP - DataTables

QTP - Checkpoints

QTP - Synchronization

QTP - Smart Identification

QTP - Debugging

QTP - Error Handling

QTP - Recovery Scenarios

QTP - Environment Variables

QTP - Library Files

QTP - Test Results

QTP - GUI Objects

QTP - Virtual Objects

QTP - Accessing Databases

QTP - Working with XML

QTP - Descriptive Programming

QTP - Automation Object Model

QTP - Frameworks

QTP - Designing a Framework

QTP - Exams And Certification

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