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Rexx Programming Course And Certification

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What is Rexx Programming?

Rexx is the acronym for Restructured Extended Executor is an interpreted high-level software programming language that was developed at IBM by Mike Cowlishaw.

Rexx is a structured, high-level, multi-purpose programming language that was designed for ease of reading and learning. Proprietary and open-source Rexx interpreters are made available for a broad range of computing platforms; compilers exist for IBM mainframe computers.

Rexx is used as both a macro and scripting language, and is frequently used for data and text processing and for generating reports on data; these similarities of Rexx with Perl mean that Rexx applications work well in Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming and it is really used for this purpose.

Rexx is the fundamental scripting language in some operating systems, and it is also used as an internal macro language in some other system software, such as SPFPC, THE, KEDIT, and the ZOC terminal emulator. Additionally, the Rexx programming language can be used for developing scripts and macros in any program that makes use of the Windows Scripting Host ActiveX scripting engine languages (for example, JScript and VBScript) if one of the Rexx engines is installed in the system.

Features of Rexx Programming

There are many features of Rexx Programming and some of them are:

1. Rexx has a very simple syntax.

2. It has the ability to route commands to multiple environments.

3. It has the ability to support functions, procedures, and commands associated with a specific invoking environment.

4. A built-in stack, with the ability to interoperate with the host stack if there is one.

5. Small instruction set containing just two dozen instructions.

6. Freeform syntax.

7. Case-insensitive tokens, including variable names.

8. Character string basis.

9. Dynamic data typing, no declarations.

10. No reserved keywords, except in the local context.

11. No include file facilities.

12. Arbitrary numerical precision.

13. Decimal arithmetic, floating-point.

14. A rich selection of built-in functions, especially string and word processing.

15. Automatic storage management.

16. Crash protection.

17. Content addressable data structures.

18. Associative arrays.

19. Straightforward access to system commands and facilities.

20. Simple error-handling, and built-in tracing and debugger.

21. Few artificial limitations.

22. Simplified I/O facilities.

Benefits of Studying Rexx Programming

There are many benefits and advantages to studying Rexx Programming, and some of them are:

1. Rexx programs are designed to be very readable and easy to understand since there is a minimum number of required special characters, punctuation or notations.

2. Rexx arithmetic is generally described as decimal arithmetic, including precision that is selected by the programmer rather than by the computer hardware.

3. The Rexx Programming sets no specific limits on the size of strings to be used (including those that are used to represent numbers). This takes away most of the headaches that often faced by programmers.

4. Rexx is a moderately small programming language. This makes it be approachable and easy to learn even for beginners. Even the Object-oriented Rexx programming that is currently under development only adds a very few new constructs to the core of the language.

5. The dynamic nature of the Rexx programming language makes it very suitable for interpretation. Interpreted languages allow you to carry out iterations very fast during development with very low time spent overhead per program written.

6. Rexx is a system-independent language. This presents developers with the advantages of portability and scalability of their applications.

7. Rexx has no globally reserved words. This ensures that robust computer programs can be written which will not be made invalid by future additions to the collection of language instructions. Not only does this mean that software programmers do not need to learn the keywords that they do not need to use, but this is also very important when they are only using the language for developing an extension for an application.

8. Job Opportunities and Career Advancement.

REXX Programming Course Outline

Rexx - Introduction

Rexx - Overview

Rexx - Environment

Rexx - Installation

Rexx - Installation of Plugin-Ins

Rexx - Basic Syntax

Rexx - Datatypes

Rexx - Variables

Rexx - Operators

Rexx - Arrays

Rexx - Loops

Rexx - Decision Making

Rexx - Numbers

Rexx - Strings

Rexx - Functions

Rexx - Stacks

Rexx - File I/O

Rexx - Functions For Files

Rexx - Subroutines

Rexx - Built-In Functions

Rexx - System Commands

Rexx - XML

Rexx - Regina

Rexx - Parsing

Rexx - Signals

Rexx - Debugging

Rexx - Error Handling

Rexx - Object-Oriented

Rexx - Portability

Rexx - Extended Functions

Rexx - Instructions

Rexx - Implementations

Rexx - Netrexx

Rexx - Brexx

Rexx - Databases

Rexx - Performance

Rexx - Best Programming Practices

Rexx - Graphical User Interface

Rexx - Reginald

Rexx - Web Programming

Rexx - Video Lectures 

Rexx - Exams And Certification

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