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Salesforce Course And Certification

Salesforce Course, Salesforce Certificate, Salesforce Training. 

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce.com, Inc. is launched by an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Salesforce helps organizations with their relationship management service, also offers a suite of enterprise applications that is majorly concerned on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

The function of salesforce depends to a large extent on if a company is selling directly to consumers or to other private firms. In consumer sales, the sales department is usually concerned simply with taking orders and closing sales.

Salesforce is the world's No 1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Salesforce helps your sales, marketing, commerce, service and the IT teams of staff work together from anywhere — so you'll keep your customers happy everywhere.

Features and Benefits Of Salesforce

Explore the CRM softwarefeatures which will assist you grow sales faster.

No matter where your company is located, all sales reps can connect and share one common goal with the use of the salesforce CRM software. 

Account and Contact Management

You will have a complete view of your customers, including activity, key contacts, history, customer communications, and internal account discussions. You can be enlightened with  insights from popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — right within Salesforce.

Opportunity Management

Get an entire view of your team’s deals with Opportunity Management. See stage, products, competition, quotes, and more. Stay connected to the people and knowledge you would like to close every sale.

Get More Leads.

Build your own “lead machine” to enhance conversion rates and grow your revenue.

Lead Management

Track your leads from click to close, while continually optimizing your campaigns across every channel. Make smarter decisions about where to take a position your marketing dollars

Sales Data

Get the proper sales data at the proper time with Data.com. Connect with key decision makers faster. Easily plan territories. Increase sales and marketing productivity with the newest , most accurate data.

Accelerate Productivity.

Every deal. Every day. Here are the Sales Cloud features that assist you specialise in what matters most: working with customers to close deals. Anywhere.


Salesforce turns your mobile device into a transportable sales office. You can log calls, answer hot leads, work opportunities, or check dashboards, regardless of where you're. And with mySalesforce, the experience are often customized to match your brand.

Workflow and Approvals

You can use Visual Workflow for quick design and automate any business process with drag-and-drop simplicity. And also drive success with flexible approvals processed for deal discounts, much expenses, and more.

Files Sync and Share

Now it’s easier to share files, discuss them, publish the simplest , and track your content in real time. Quickly find what you’re trying to find , share it securely, and even subscribe receive alerts when something changes.

Make Insightful Decisions.

Discover the powerful CRM software features that turn data into actionable insight that everybody can access from anywhere.

Reports and Dashboards

Dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business at a look. Goes to the root with detailed reports that anyone can create. And access your reports and dashboards from anywhere.

Sales Forecasting

Fast, easy, accurate. Get a real-time view into your team’s forecasts. Use visibility, in-line editing, rency support,  override, and more to remain on top of your business.

Why Study Salesforce

1. Flexibility: one among the foremost significant USP's (Unique Selling Points) of the Salesforce platform is its high degree of adaptability.

2. Easy to manage.

3. Countless options with various apps.

4. Standard API links.

5. The world' largest web-based platform

6. Job opportunities and career advancement

7. Enrich your CV and increase your earning potential

Salesforce Course Outline:

Salesforce - Introduction

Salesforce - Overview

Salesforce - Architecture

Salesforce - Environment

Salesforce - Sales Cloud

Salesforce - Service Cloud

Salesforce - Navigating Setup

Salesforce - Standard Objects

Salesforce - Custom Objects

Salesforce - Master Detail

Salesforce - Lookup Relationship

Salesforce - Schema Builder

Salesforce - Control Access Org

Salesforce - Control Access Objects

Salesforce - Control Access Fields

Salesforce - Control Access Records

Salesforce - Create a Role Hierarchy

Salesforce - Define Sharing Rules

Salesforce - Automate Business Processes

Salesforce - Importing Data

Salesforce - Exporting Data

Salesforce - Reports

Salesforce - Dashboards

Salesforce - Using Formula Fields

Salesforce - Visualforce Pages

Salesforce - Variables & Formulas

Salesforce - Standard Controllers

Salesforce - Records, Fields & Tables

Salesforce - Using Forms

Salesforce - List Controllers

Salesforce - Static Resources

Salesforce - Video Lectures

Salesforce - Exams and Certification

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