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SAP BEx Course And Certification

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What is SAP BEx?

SAP BEx - SAP Business Explorer is the reporting tool that is used to work with data that is in the BW (Business Information Warehouse) database. 

Components of SAP BEx: 

SAP BEx has a web-based user interface that consists of two components:

1. The BEx Browser, and

2. The BEx Analyzer. 

The BEx Browser presents users with an organized user interface where they can access and work with any kind of document that is assigned to them in the Business Information Warehouse, such as links, workbooks, and the BW Web reports. The BW database on its own is split into discrete areas of data referred to as InfoCubes that consist of data and their associated metadata.

The BEx Analyzer allows the SAP user to study the segmented data in a variety of useful combinations, for example when comparing the financial data of an organization for different fiscal years.

SAP BEx provides users with lots of tools to carry out query analysis and reporting to support their business's strategic decisions. This tool offers users a lot of queries and function designing reports. You can also design and develop Web applications on top of the SAP BI content by using the SAP BEx Web Application Designer (WAD). Using the SAP BEx options for Broadcast, you can also broadcast the objects that are developed using Business Explorer in the form of a URL of email. This can also be released under the Knowledge Management Content on the NetWeaver portal.

The BI content is made available in the SAP NetWeaver BI system and the data is then analyzed by declaring and defining the queries in the BEx Query Designer. The BEx Report Designer tool can be used to design well-formatted reports for both presentation purposes and for printing.

The SAP Bex is basically a front-end tool that is used to run different types of reports, analyze business data and carry out business planning on top of the OLAP cubes which are stored in the SAP Business Warehouse System.

Features of SAP BEx

There are many features of SAP BEx and some of them are:

1. With SAP Bex, You can use the search queries in the BEx Query Designer for OLAP reporting and also for enterprise reporting.

2. Queries can involve different parameters like other variables for characteristic values, formulas, hierarchies, text, etc.

3. In the Query Designer, you can add a filter to limit the whole query. While adding the filter, you can also add characteristic values from one or more characteristics or you can also add key figures to the filter. All the InfoProvider data is then aggregated using the filter selection of the query.

4. You can also make use of user-defined characteristics to find out the content of the rows and columns of the query. This is used to specify the data areas of the InfoProvider with which you want to navigate.

5. With SAP Bex, You have the option of going through the search query that lets you generate different views of the InfoProvider data. This is made possible by dragging any of the user-defined characteristics into the rows or inside the columns of the search query.

Benefits of SAP BEx

There are many benefits of SAP BEx and some of them are:

1. SAP Bex offers users an excellent performance in the analytical reporting and data loading by using the SAP HANA in-memory database capabilities. All the BW functioåns that are performed in the SAP HANA benefits from the in-memory database and calculation engines which makes the processing of data faster.

2. With SAP HANA optimized objects, you can carry out very complex data queries, high data volume, detailed analysis, and data aggregations very well.

3. SAP Bex provides a higher level of data compression.

4. Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) is not required while using HANA underneath BW and SAP Bex.

5. WIth SAP Bex, there is no need for aggregated data tables since HANA offers support for on-the-fly aggregations. 

6. SAP Bex has a very simplified data model by using objects that are optimized in-memory. 

7. Job opportunities and career advancement. 

8. Increase your earning potential. 

SAP BEx Course Outline

SAP BEx - Introduction/Overview

SAP BEx - Architecture

SAP Bex - Query Designer

SAP Bex - Query Designer Features

SAP BEx - Web

SAP BEx - Web Integration

SAP BEx - Analyzer

SAP BEx - Analysis Functions

SAP BEx - Objects

SAP BEx - Accessibility Mode

SAP BEx - Information Broadcasting

SAP BEx - Integration With BO

SAP BEx - Video Lectures 

SAP BEx - Exams and Certification

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