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SAP BI Course And Certification

SAP BI Course, SAP BI Certificate SAP BI Training. 

What is SAP BI?

The SAP BI is the SAP reporting and analytics business intelligence (BI) platform that is aimed at business users. It is made up of a number of reporting tools and software that allow users to discover data, carry out analysis to get insights and create reports that are used to visualize the generated insights.

SAP BI was developed to make analysis and reporting simple for everyday business users so they can create reports and carry out processes like predictive analytics without requiring the input of data analysts.

SAP BusinessObjects BI applications make use of drag-and-drop functions and allow users to search for and analyze data from a very wide variety of sources. SAP BO is like the front-end BI platform, so the data is not stored at the application level but it is integrated from the several back-end sources attached to it.

The core of SAP BO is the SAP BusinessObjects Universe, which are several layers of metadata that join together the back-end data with the front-end application layer.

A universe allows the users to work with data without worrying about what database the data came from, the database structure, or where the data is being stored in. The universe does not store any data on its own but is a metadata layer that holds information about the objects stored in the data source, which is used to generate SQL queries that get the actual data.

Features of SAP BI

1. SAP HANA and Database has a fully managed database plus several tools for database management.

2. Data Warehousing is a warehousing service used to collect and manage all the corporate data from single storage.

3. Enterprise information management is a general tool used for data, data quality, and metadata management.

4. Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance. These are tools that are used to manage data security, fraud protection, and risk management.

Benefits of SAP BI

1. Seamless graphical user interface

SAP Business Intelligence provides a bunch of good instruments with an intuitive user interface. While it may need some time and skill to learn how to use it, the SAP user interface happens to be very easy to understand. On top of that, by accessing all the instruments from a single web-based interface, it is much easier to conduct onboarding for your business users.

2. Self-service tools available for the wider user audience

SAP BI offers you several self-service instruments that provide a toolset for casual users to work with the data. It does not mean that your BI users would not need any help, but it will definitely take down the costs of maintenance and the time spent on reporting-related tasks.

3. SAP HANA real-time database and performance

The database provides real-time data access, which guarantees you quick processing of large amounts of data and small response time. That makes data integration a whole lot easier inside the whole organization.

4. Data Source Integrations

SAP offers integration with two of its own data storages (SAP HANA and Data Warehouse). But it also covers external services such as Apache Hadoop, Hive, and Hbase. This can be especially beneficial when you are working with large data and using a BI interface as a data exploration tool.

5. Flexibility

SAP also gives you several options in deployment type for almost each of their products. Depending on your selected preferences, it allows you to get a bit of flexibility in the areas of deployment, hardware maintenance, and system management.

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