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SAP CRM Course And Certification

SAP CRM Course, SAP CRM Certificate, SAP CRM Training. 

What is SAP CRM?

SAP CRM is one of the key modules in a business or organization which helps with managing customers efficiently and effectively. In a present-day competitive market environment, it is very necessary that businesses make changes in an environment that is a dynamic environment and take care of all the key activities that are related to customer service. It is the CRM tool provided by SAP and is used for many business processes.

SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is also known as an integrated customer relationship management module by that SAP enterprise management tool that helps any organization or business to achieve its target goals and it also allows businesses to carry out all their Customer Relationship tasks efficiently. SAP CRM is one of the key tools that are used for drawing out a business strategy for both medium and large scale businesses and it also helps in understanding the needs of their customers, and to handle the customer service effectively.

SAP CRM is a big part of the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) business suite and it is mostly used to include or implement a customized business process that is related to Customer Relationship Management CRM and to integrate with various SAP and non-SAP systems. SAP CRM lets an organization to attain maximum customer satisfaction by meeting up with their service expectation and by providing products that are required by their customers.

SAP CRM is a major component of the SAP Business Suite and it is not only used to plan an organization’s short term goals, but it also helps in reducing operational cost and increasing their decision-making ability by defining their future strategy. It also supports businesses and organizations in achieving differentiated capabilities to compete effectively to meet long term goals and objectives.

Why Study SAP CRM

1. To have good relationships with customers and also attract new customers.

2. For effective and productive communication with customers.

3. To increase the sales of the business and maximize profits.

4. Analyzing customers, vendors, and partners.

5. Job opportunity and career advancement. 

Goals Of SAP CRM

1. Providing better and best customer service.

2. Selling of products more effectively and productively to maximize profits

2. Discovering new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers.

Components and Architecture of SAP CRM

1. SAP ERM Server (CRM Enterprise, CRM Middleware, Adapter)

2. SAP ECC as a backend system

3. SAP BI for Analytical Reporting


5. SAP CRM Sales

6. SAP CRM Marketing

7. SAP CRM Analytics

8. SAP CRM Web Channel (e-marketing, CRM Mobile, etc.)

9. SAO CRM Interaction Center IC

10. SAP Hybris

11. Mobile and handheld devices

12. Internet

13. Enterprise Portal

Features of SAP CRM

There are lots of features of SAP CRM and some of them are:

1. Marketing Resource Management: This feature of SAP CRM helps businesses and companies to align all their marketing resources, and to manage their marketing spending and establishes accountability into different marketing activities by using the easy-to-use and efficient resource management tools offered by the SAP CRM software.

2. Segmentation and List Management: This helps to find and target the segments of customers across large amounts of data by using a drag-and-drop interface that is intuitive and provides its users with valuable inputs.

3. Campaign Management: The SAP CRM software helps businesses and organizations to manage their business campaigns by planning, coordinating and executing various operational steps whilst encouraging the interactions with valuable customers and revenue maximization.

4. Lead Management: By using this tool, it is very easy to create, prioritize, and send high quality leads automatically to other third-party partners and sales agents.

5. Loyalty Management: These tools are very useful in taking up the customer allegiance by planning, developing, and managing their different loyalty programs.

6. Sales Contract Management: These SAP CRM Marketing tools are needed to empower various organizational sales teams by working closely and efficiently with customers in developing and revising the various contracts at various points in a contract lifecycle.

7. Marketing Analytics: This feature helps you to make the best use of various powerful marketing analytics, which includes dashboards, predictive modeling, operational reporting, and advanced analytics.

Benefits of SAP CRM

There are many benefits of using the SAP CRM software and some of them are:

1. SAP CRM helps businesses and organizations to increase their sales and revenue.

2. SAP CRM helps to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring that they are served with better experiences. 

3. With the SAP CRM software, you can quickly identify and seize new sales opportunities.

4. SAP CRM allows you to reach the right people with the right message perfect time right time.

5. SAP can help an organization stay connected to its customers.

6. It also helps organizations give customers regular and actual information independent of the channel through which he/she is contacting the company

7. It is part of the SAP Business Suite to manage customer relationships.

8. It supports all customer-concerned business aspects such as marketing, sales, and service.

9. It is implemented for different customer interaction channels such as Call Centre, Internet, and Mobile clients.

10. It is developed for handling customer contact details anytime, anywhere

11. SAP CRM sales feature supports the sales team of your business to be timely and very effective in working.

12. It provides information that produces an insight into action and maintains focus on productive activity.

13. It helps the sales team of your organization to get new customers, and then develop, maintain a proper relationship with them.

14. It provides an easy order to money processes that enable your sales team to effectively manage customers demands.

15. It also provides a section of sales forecasting and analytics that helps your organization to collect historical and predictive information.

16. It can be used to create personalized product proposals for various websites

17. It helps to boose employee morale and productivity

SAP CRM Channels

SAP CRM provides various implementations for different channels within your organization such as the internet, technology, field sales, and partners that lead to the optimization of your customer relations and interactions. These channels include:

1. Back-office.

2. Field Service or Offline-User.

3. Interaction center.

4. web channel Management.

5. PCM - Partner Channel Management.

SAP CRM Course Outline

SAP CRM – Introduction

SAP CRM – Architecture

SAP CRM – Capabilities

SAP CRM – Integration With SAP SD


SAP CRM – WebClient UI

SAP CRM – Web UI Configuration

SAP CRM – Sales

SAP CRM – Account Planning

SAP CRM – Activity Management

SAP CRM – Opportunity Management

SAP CRM – Outline Agreements

SAP CRM – Taxes

SAP CRM – Marketing

SAP CRM – Marketing Planning

SAP CRM – Marketing Calendar

SAP CRM – Campaign Management

SAP CRM – Service

SAP CRM – Service Request Mngmt

SAP CRM – Service Contracts

SAP CRM – Service Order Mngmt

SAP CRM – Interaction Center

SAP CRM – IC Profiles & Configuration

SAP CRM – Product Master

SAP CRM – Business Transactions

SAP CRM – Pricing

SAP CRM – Billing

SAP CRM – Web Channel 

SAP CRM – Video Lectures   

SAP CRM – Exams and Certification

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