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SAP Design Studio Course And Certification

SAP Design Studio Course, SAP Design Studio Certificate, SAP Design Studio Training, SAP Design Studio Certification. 

What is SAP Design Studio?

SAP Design Studio can be described as a software application development tool for developing more advanced level Dashboards by using SAP HANA, SAP BW, and various SAP Universe Data Sources. These highly interactive dashboards can be directly accessed on various mobile devices like mobile phones, Ipads, and tablets. This Design Studio can also be used to create software applications that allow you to work with data by making use of several components like drill down to dimensions, filters, and aggregated data detailed analysis, etc. 

The SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is a software that was developed for the sole purpose of developing executive dashboards. SAP Design Studio was one of the first SAP BI applications that were built with a mobile-first approach in mind and is proposed to be the direct successor to the SAP Business Explorer (BEx) Web Application Designer. It makes use of the native connections to SAP Business Warehouse (BW), and the SAP HANA, the in-memory database management, and database platform. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio also comes with support for iPad, an interface that is based on HTML5, and a WYSIWYG editor. 

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is an application software that is meant for building executive dashboards. 

SAP Design Studio was one of the very first SAP Business Intelligence (BI) software developed with ease of movement in mind and is meant to be the next to Business Explorer (BEx) Web Application Designer. It has features like native connections to SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and SAP HANA, the internal memory database platform. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio also has support features for iPad, an HTML5 user interface and a WYSIWYG editor.

In order to develop Web Applications and Advanced Dashboards with SAP Design Studio, you don't need any prior knowledge of HTML and UI5 web programming and you can simply subset Java scripts and bookmarks for your business application development. SAP Design studio allows you to develop your applications and enter its data manually in Crosstabs or you can also add application data by using planning objects while making use of SAP BW as the backend system. Applications that are developed in SAP Design Studio can have a real-time connection to SAP HANA or to the Business Warehouse System.

By using SAP the BusinessObjects Design Studio SDK, you can also combine 3rd party custom components into your web application. These 3rd party elements request and get data from different data sources to develop interactive visualizations. Apart from this, various SDK components can also act as a data source for other SDK components.

The SAP Design Studio also allows software application developers to design develop and edit their applications that are saved in the format of XML. These software applications are made up of interactive dashboards and advanced data visualizations by using crosstabs, charts, etc. and alias of a data source. Data binding represents the simple mapping of application data to the components that make up the application. When the data in the data alias is changed, SAP Design Studio instantly updates all the components that are attached to that data alias. 


Features of SAP Design Studio

Below are some of the features of SAP Design Studio.

1. Resizable, movable dialogs.

2. It allows you to easily display scaling factors in the Info Chart.

3. It lets you add Waterfall Info Charts.

4. Ad hoc currency conversion.

5. It let you build a virtual hierarchy of stacked dimensions.

6. It comes with a Cascading Filter for Universe and CSV as Data Source.

7. It has an info Chart Enhancements.

8. New standard components.

9. Initial View Editor − Simple Calculations

10. Designer UI Enhancement − Compact Palette View 


Benefits of SAP Design Studio

There are many benefits of SAP Design Studio and some of them are:

1. SAP Design Studio offers you a modern development environment together with JavaScript programming and control plus HTML5 runtime.

2. SAP Design Studio has a Native BW and HANA support.

3. SAP Design Studio is recommended by SAP for BW customers.

4. SAP Design Studio can handle larger datasets.

5. SAP Design Studio supports the embedding of Dashboards(Xcelsius) content. 

Data Sources for SAP Design Studio

1. SAP Business Warehouse (BW)


3. SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform.

It lets you sketch or design applications and also helps you manually put in data in Crosstabs or you can use planning objects to also add data while using SAP Business Warehouse as the server-side system. Applications that are developed in SAP Design Studio can have support for real-time connection to SAP HANA or SAP Business Warehouse System.

Making use SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio SDK, you can literally add third party custom components to your application. These components can pull data from different external and internal data sources to generate interactive visualizations. Asides this feature, SDK components can also pose as data sources for other SDK components basically having a shared data source across all SDK components.

SAP Design Studio Terminology

SAP Design Studio gives software developers the power to build and edit applications that are originally saved in the XML format. These different applications contain very interactive dashboards and a high level; data visualizations by making use of charts, crosstabs, etc. and also the data source.

Data Source and Binding

Application Developers build applications using several components like data source alias, crosstabs, and charts, A data source alias can be said to be an instance of SAP Business Warehouse or SAP HANA data source. If you really want to see the list of components available that are used in building an application, you can find this in the outline view of the Design tool.

Data Binding

For application developers to be able to make use of different components like charts, crosstabs they need to bind the data from data source alias to these several components available. Data binding states the simple mapping of data to components in the application. When there is a change in the data of the data alias, SAP Design Studio will automatically update all the components that are bound to that particular data alias.

Why Study SAP Design Studio

1. With SAP Design Studio, you can work with and manage large datasets.

2. Learning how to use SAP Design studio will get you Job Opportunities.

3.SAP Design Studio has a lot of awesome features that will simplify your day to day development tasks.

4. Job opportunities and career advancement. 

SAP Design Studio Course Outline

SAP Design Studio - Introduction

SAP Design Studio - Overview

SAP Design Studio - Key Features

SAP Design Studio - How To Logon

SAP Design Studio - Navigation

SAP Design Studio - Create an Application

SAP Design Studio - Add Data Source

SAP Design Studio - HANA Connectivity

SAP Design Studio - Setting Up Bookmarks

SAP Design Studio - Working With Data Sources

SAP Design Studio - Connect to a UDS

SAP Design Studio - Exporting Data

SAP Design Studio - HANA Mode Interactive

SAP Design Studio - Working With Info Charts

SAP Design Studio - Working With Filters

SAP Design Studio - SAP Design Studio - Geomap

SAP Design Studio - Exporting an Application

SAP Design Studio - Exporting as Templates

SAP Design Studio - Visualization Templates

SAP Design Studio - Custom Dashboards

SAP Design Studio - Refresh a Document

SAP Design Studio - Video Lectures 

SAP Design Studio - Exams and Certification

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