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SAP GRC Course And Certification

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What is SAP GRC?

SAP GRC is the acronym for SAP Governance, Risk management and Compliance. 

SAP GRC is a SAP Security application software or tool used to ensure an organization meets data security and authorization standards. SAP GRC uses three related phases that helps company certainly achieves its objectives, solves uncertainty and works with integrity.

Components of SAP GRC

1. Governance is the mixture of processes that are established and administered by the directors (or the board of directors) that are displayed in the organization's structure and how it is maintained and driven toward achieving business goals.

2. Risk management is foretelling and handling risks that could prevent the organization from reliably fulfilling its objectives that are under uncertainty.

3. Compliance regards to adhering with the mandated limits (both laws and regulations) and voluntary limits such as the company's procedures, policies, etc. 

SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution allows organizations to manage and maintain compliance and regulations and to remove any risk in managing companies’ key operations. As per changing the market situation, companies and organizations are growing and rapidly evolving and improper spreadsheets and documents are not acceptable for external regulators and auditors. 

Features of SAP GRC

There are many features of SAP GRC, and some of them are:

1. SAP GRC Access Control: To decrease the number of risks in an organization, it is expected to carry out risk control as part of the organization's compliance and regulation practice. Responsibilities should be clearly defined, so, managing the provisioning of the role and managing access for superusers is very critical for managing and maintaining risks in an organization.

2. SAP GRC Process Control and Fraud Management: The SAP GRC Process Control software solution is used for managing the management of compliance and policy of an organization. Compliance management abilities allow organizations to monitor and manage their internal control environments. Organizations can proactively fix any issues that are identified and certify and report issues on the overall state of the corresponding compliance activities.

3. SAP GRC Risk Management: SAP GRC Risk Management lets you manage various risk management activities in your organization. You can carry out advanced planning activities to find out risk in business and perform various remedial measures to manage the risks and allow you to make a better decision that improves the performance of the business.

4. SAP GRC Audit Management: This is used to enhance the audit management process found in any organization by documenting organizational artifacts, organizing paper works, and creating reports on audits. You can easily combine it with other governance, risk and compliance solution and facilitate organizations to align audit management policies with their business goals.

5. SAP GRC Fraud Management: The SAP GRC fraud management tool helps business organizations to identify and prevent frauds at their early stages and therefore reduce and minimize the loss on the business. Scans can be carried out on huge amounts of data in real-time with more efficiency and fraudulent activities can be easily recognized.

Benefits of SAP GRC

There are many benefits of SAP GRC, and some of them are:

1. SAP GRC increases productivity by automating the process of provisioning. 

2. SAP GRC enables fully automated controls with various SAP and non-SAP systems.

3. SAP GRC helps with the alignment of risk appetite according to the organizational corporate strategies.

4. SAP GRC helps with developing clearly defined responsibilities for each control with the possibility of sign-off.

5. SAP GRC helps your organization embed better security and controls into your business processes and transition into a sustainable state of monitoring by implementing SAP GRC solutions.

6. Access control provides real-time analysis of SoD and sensitive access violations, transparency of access risks, self-service access requests and password resets, streamlined user and role access reviews, centralized audit documentation, super-user access management (mitigates the most common audit issue), a customizable methodology for role definition, preventative compliance.

7. Process controls protects investments by designing sustainable processes and controls, optimize controls through rationalization, improvement of control process efficiency, and further automation of controls, centralized reporting, documentation, and controls testing result in better visibility and shared assurance across departments, integrated compliance management through development of a centralized multi-compliance framework, support for the transition “above market” through effective management of controls from central functions and shared services centers, reduced cost of internal and external assurance through improved integration of audit efforts.

8. SAP Risk management transform risk management processes from a silo approach to a more coordinated and oriented approach, consolidate risks at higher levels of the organization and evaluate global risk exposure, intelligently mitigate risks by creating cross-organizational resolution strategies, and tracking response costs, improved visibility and optimized decision making, because risks are aligned with strategic priories and there is enhanced risk communication with the board, proactive monitoring of key risks through a standardized and centralized key risk indicator framework. 

Why Study SAP GRC?

1. Gain valuable insights into risk, compliance and control management for an enterprise.

2. Work closely with the CEO / CFO of the company on a regular basis.

3. Be certified in the most key technology governance skill in an organization

4. Job opportunities and career advancement

5. Increase your earning potential

6. Enhance your knowledge in integrated applications in SAP GRC through familiarity with harmonized navigation, common functions, shared master data and the harmonized reporting framework. 

SAP GRC Course Outline

SAP GRC - Introduction/Overview

SAP GRC - Navigation

SAP GRC - Access Control

SAP GRC - Authorization

SAP GRC - Integration with IAM

SAP GRC - Audit Universe

SAP GRC - SoD Risk Management

SAP GRC - Risk Management

SAP GRC - Risk Remediation

SAP GRC - Mitigation Controls

SAP GRC - Superuser Privilege

SAP GRC - Implementing Superuser

SAP GRC - Enhanced Risk Analysis

SAP GRC - Workflow Integration

SAP GRC - Creating Business Rules

SAP GRC - Video Lectures 

SAP GRC - Exams And Certification

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