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SAP HR Course And Certification

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What is SAP HR?

SAP HR - SAP Human Resource offers a way of collecting, saving, examining, analyzing and distributing information to several stakeholders in an organization. SAP HR promotes improvement in regular and traditional processes and presents a much better and more strategic decision-making process.

The wave of advancement in the domain of technology has changed and transformed each and every field and area of life present, and this includes HR. Early HR systems were narrow and conservative in their application and primarily focused on a unique and singular task, such as better improving the payroll process or tracking the employees' work hours.

Today's systems cover the entire spectrum of tasks that are associated with human resources departments, which include tracking and improving the efficiency of the organizational processes, maintaining organizational hierarchy, keeping track of both the employee absence and annual leave, explaining and interpreting financial transactions, and writing reports on people data. In short, as the job of the human resources departments further developed in its complexity, the HR technology systems also developed and evolved to fit these needs. Now, this brings us to the SAP HR module.

Various human resource information systems present organizations with a means of getting, storing, processing and sharing information to various stakeholders in the organization. HR, enable improvement in the common processes and to further improve the strategic decision-making. The wave of technological advancement has changed, transformed and revolutionized each and every area and form of life today, and this includes the HR sector also.

The early software system was made to be narrow in scope, basically focused on a single task, such as to improve the payroll processes or to keep track of the employees' working hours. Today's software systems cover the entire spectrum of tasks that are associated with the human resources departments, which include tracking and improving the efficiency, process, managing organizational authority, keeping track of annual leave and absence, analyzing and simplifying financial transactions, and generating reports on the data from people.

SAP Human Resource popularly abbreviated as SAP HR is an important module in SAP systems which makes sure that the regular and everyday Human Resources processes are easy to access and manageable. It joins together human resources as a field of discipline, and, in particular, the basic Human Resource activities and processes with the IT field, Wherefore the programming of data processing systems have completely developed and evolved into more regulated and standardized routines and packages of organizational Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

On the whole, these SAP software systems have their own beginnings from software that is used to integrate the information from different applications into one single database. The unity of both the SAP financial and human resource modules together in one database is the most important distinction to the independently and commercially developed forerunners, which makes this software application both rigid and flexible.

Features of SAP HR

There are many features of SAP HR, and some of them are:

1. Organization management: Organization management is one of the very important sub-module of the SAP HR module, and it allows the organization to outline the organizational plan, analyze the current plan, produce optional and extra plans and also to design better workflow management.

2. Personnel Administration: Personnel Administration is also one of the very important sub-module of the SAP HR enterprise system and it lets you keep a record of important employee data and several pieces of information. It carries out various administration tasks such as hiring new employees, travel expenses, personnel data, payroll accounting and so on.

3. Time Management (TM): Time management is one of the very important sub-module of the SAP HR software system and it is used to record the employee data that is related to attendance, time evaluation, absence, shifts and so on.

4. Payroll: SAP payroll analyzes and processes the payment by the number of works done that is done by an employee. It includes wages, benefits, medical benefits, taxes and a record of others. SAP payroll is integrated together with other modules such as time management, personal administration, financial accounting and so on.

5. Personnel Development: Personnel development is one of the sub-modules of SAP HR where the organization maximizes the employee's performance. The main goals of personal development are to qualify the employees so that they reach up to the predefined requirements, increase the employee's motivation and productivity and take down the number of employee turnover.

Benefits of SAP HR

There are lots of benefits of SAP HR and some of them are:

1. Automated compensation adjustment: Prior to the introduction of SAP, compensation adjustments were calculated manually outside HRMS and then

2. Improved employee history data: This is fundamental and critical in the planning of information for several scenarios, for instance, in the re-organization, or succession planning. SAP presents this information in a much more organized, user-friendly way.

3. Better budgeting: likened to the CUPE time entry situation, allocation of budgets will be made better with accurate and exact planning information replacing estimates, as information on position requirements will be

4. SAP HR consolidates the HR data.

5. SAP HR helps organizations to find and manage new and existing talent.

6. SAP HR offers improved productivity and ROI to an organization.

7. SAP HR software lets you have a clear picture of your workforce.

8. SAP HR comes with amazing reporting capabilities.

Career Opportunities in SAP HR

There are a lot of career opportunities that are available to certified personnel of the SAP Human Resource Module, below is a list of some of them: 

1. The SAP HCM Certification for SAP software suite can make you an HR Officer in an organization.

2. After completing this course, you can become a SAP MM Consultant.

3. Certification of The SAP module can get you employed as an HR Generalist in an organization.

4. Certification in this course can get you the role of an Assistant HR Manager in business.

5. You can become a SAP HCM Functional Consultant, as a freelancer or for an organization

6. You can be a SAP HR Recruiter.

7. You can be a SAP HR Executive or a SAP HR Functional Consultant in an organization.

SAP HR Course Outline


SAP HR - Introduction to SAP HCM

SAP HR - What is SAP HR

SAP HR - What is an Infotype

SAP HR - Infotype Operations

SAP HR - Fast Entry of Infotype

SAP HR - Important Infotype T Codes you Must Know

SAP HR - SAP Personnel Actions

SAP HR - Object Types, Validity Dates, Infotypes

SAP HR - Expert Mode



SAP HR - End User Transactions

SAP HR - Recruitment Configuration

SAP HR - Spock - The Building Block Of OM

SAP HR - PA Configuration

SAP HR - Time Management Configuration - Negative Time

SAP HR - PayRoll Configuration

SAP HR - Talent Management and Development Configuration

SAP HR - Training and Event Management Configuration

SAP HR - Travel Management Configuration

SAP HR - Building a Report Using SAP Query Viewer



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