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SAP Netweaver Course And Certification

SAP Netweaver Course, SAP Netweaver Certificate, SAP Netweaver Training. 

What is SAP Netweaver?

SAP NetWeaver is a product of the SAP SE software company SAP SE, and the technical foundation for many SAP software applications. It is a solution application stack of SAP products. The SAP NetWeaver Application Server which is in some cases referred to as SAP WebAS is the application runtime environment of various SAP applications, and all of the mySAP Business Suite which runs on the SAP WebAS: customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM), product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM), transportation management system (TMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP).

The SAP Netweaver software is marketed by SAP as a service-oriented software architecture that is used for the integration of enterprise applications. It can be used for custom development and integration with other software applications and systems, and it is primarily built by using the SAP ABAP programming language, but also makes use of Java, C, and C++. It can also be further extended, and interoperate with, various technologies such as Java EE, Microsoft .NET, and IBM WebSphere.

The NetWeaver platform was a technology that was developed by an Israeli software company known as TopTier Software was founded in 1997 and was acquired by SAP in 2001. The founder of TopTier Software, Shai Agassi joined SAP SE and was given the responsibility of managing the company's overall technology strategy and execution. He started the development of the integration of the application platform that later became the SAP NetWeaver platform.

Components of SAP Netweaver

1. SAP Business Information Warehouse (BIW): This provides data warehouse functionality for businesses. Several layers such as the extraction layer, staging layer, transformation layer, loading layer, reporting and analysis layer integrate together.

2. SAP Enterprise Portal: This component unifies and aligns the details, information, and processes of different departments in a single space.

3. SAP XI Exchanging Infrastructure: This component extensively supports cross-company scenarios. SAP XI enables enterprises to connect systems from different vendors.

4. SAP Knowledge Warehouse (KW): This is the main element that manages the knowledge processes of an enterprise. SAP KW helps an organization to set up and manage both industry-specific and enterprise-specific knowledge in a unified system.

5. SAP Master Data Management (MDM): This also provides accurate data of an enterprise giving real-life status. SAP MDM provides a single; integrated software solution that helps in creating, distribution and managing the entire master data at an enterprise level.

6. SAP Business Intelligence: SAP BI simplifies data manipulation and allows users to analyze and share information with stakeholders. This analytical, reporting and data warehousing solution enables better decisions in enterprises.

Features of SAP Netweaver

There are many features of SAP NetWeaver and some of them are:

1. SAP NetWeaver comes with SAP Business Information Warehouse, which offers various data warehouse functions and a business intelligence platform and tools that various organizations can make use of to analyze and interpret business application data.

2. SAP NetWeaver comes SAP Business Intelligence application, which provides you with analytics and reporting tools.

3. SAP NetWeaver comes with SAP Enterprise Portal, which allows businesses and organizations to develop a single access point for software applications, services or data in the SAP business environments.

4. SAP NetWeaver comes with SAP Exchange Infrastructure, which is used to facilitate the exchange of data between an organization which is both an internal SAP environment and external software systems.

5. SAP NetWeaver comes with SAP Knowledge Warehouse, which helps businesses and organizations set up and manage enterprise-specific knowledge bases for the purpose of creating documentation, training materials, and manuals.

Benefits of SAP Netweaver 

There are many benefits of SAP Netweaver and some of them are:

1. The SAP NetWeaver platform is an open technology platform that offers SAP users a comprehensive group of software technologies to use for running mission-critical business applications and for integrating processes, people, and information.

2. SAP NetWeaver is an open integration, web-based, software application platform that serves as the foundation for various Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (Enterprise SOA) and it allows the alignment and integration of information, people, and business processes across the business and various technology boundaries.

3. SAP Netweaver makes use of open standards to facilitate integration with data, information, and applications from almost any source or technology.

4. SAP Netweaver is the foundation of SAP Business Suite and SAP Business by Design. It also powers various partner solutions and custom-built software applications.

5. SAP NetWeaver increases ROI in a shorter period of time leading to a better assessment of services towards ensuring financial benefits for enterprises.

6. SAP NetWeaver allows enterprises to interweave various resources of an organization thus bringing down the cost of implementation and ownership.

Why Study SAP Netweaver?

1. Understand the concept of Service-Oriented Architecture

2. Gain expertise in various aspects of SAP NetWeaver including SAP NetWeaver Application Server, SAP Business Process Management, User Productivity, Business Analytics, and Information Management, Master Data Management and Master Data Governance, Application Lifecycle Management and SAP Solution Manager, and SAP NetWeaver Security Solutions.

3. Job Opportunities and Career Advancement

4. Increase Your Earning Potential

SAP Netweaver Course Outline

SAP NetWeaver - Introduction

SAP NetWeaver - Architecture

SAP NetWeaver - Components

SAP NetWeaver - Release Details

SAP NetWeaver - NW Version in ECC System

SAP NetWeaver - Setting Up NW

SAP NetWeaver - Installation Options

SAP NetWeaver - Transport Management

SAP NetWeaver - NW Business Client

SAP NetWeaver - Service Configuration

SAP NetWeaver - Portal

SAP NetWeaver - Create a System

SAP NetWeaver - Knowledge Management

SAP NetWeaver - KM Administration

SAP NetWeaver - Developer Studio

SAP NetWeaver - Web Content

SAP NetWeaver - Gateway

SAP NetWeaver - Security

SAP NetWeaver - PFCG Roles

SAP NetWeaver - Authentication Methods

SAP NetWeaver - Communication Security

SAP NetWeaver - Video Lectures  

SAP Netweaver - Exams and Certification

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