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SAP PM Course And Certification

SAP PM Course, SAP PM Certificate, SAP PM Training. 

What is SAP PM?

SAP PM which is the acronym for SAP Plant Maintenance is a software product that manages and handles all the maintenance activities that are within a business or an organization. The SAP Plant Maintenance module is made up of key activities from inspection, notifications, lots of corrective and preventive maintenance features, repairs, and other procedures to manage a real-life technical system.

SAP PM - SAP Plant Maintenance software application component presents an organization with a module that has lots of tools with which all maintenance activities can be performed. All the activities that are carried out under maintenance are interlinked and therefore this software module is can be directly included in other modules like Material Planning, Production Planning, Sales and Distribution.

Using SAP Plant Maintainance(SAP PM), you can carry out instant and automatic repairs and aid the maintenance requests in a business or an organization. SAP PM allows you to keep a record of problems in the SAP system, plan various labor and material activities, and it also allows you to record and settle the cost of running those activities.

In an organization or business, you can easily identify, manage problems, document various happenings, and carry out enterprise asset management for any required organizational/business asset using SAP PM.

To correctly and effectively manage various SAP Maintenance activities in an organization, you will need to divide the current structure of maintenance into technical objects. After dividing the current structure, the technical objects are then used to determine the types of machine that exists within the organization, furthermore, using the object characteristics, you can further define other kinds of  technical objects

To show the technical objects that are in the system, you should be very aware of the current maintenance planning and structure in the organization. This includes the task of determining the maintenance plant and maintenance of the activities planning in the system.

Features Of SAP PM

There are many features that are in the SAP Plant Maintenance module, and some of them are:

1. Inspection: Inspection is done with the SAP PM module to check the original condition of a technical system in a business or organization.

2. Preventive Maintenance: Preventive maintenance carried out to ensure the high availability of the technical system. It involves scheduling the maintenance process and planning the work activities for various technical objects.

3. Repair: Repair in SAP PM includes all the measures that can be carried out to restore the ideal condition of a technical system. The repair process can be carried out at many planning stages such as in the stage of work scheduling, resource planning and in the initial costing stage, etc. You can immediately respond to a damaging event that is causing a frequent shutdown in the production process. You can also create the required purchase requisition and also process work orders that are aimed to reduce the downtime.

4. Integration with Other Modules: In SAP Preventive Maintenance, you can install it into other modules such as Material Management, Personnel Management, Production Planning and also in Sales and Distribution. These individual modules are used to keep the current data running as per the requirement that is in the Plant Maintenance module and is automatically initiated to manage and maintain the current data that are in the system.

Benefits of SAP PM

There are lots of benefits and advantages of SAP PM and some of them are:

1. Digitalization of the maintenance of plant activities.

2. With SAP PM, you the repair time of business activities is shortened because all the relevant and needed information is always available, spare parts can be reserved and used as soon as possible.

3. It brings about the reduction of cost and the acceleration of various technical processes by renouncing regular paper-based processes and steps.

4. SAP PM increases the quality of documentation.

Career Opportunities in SAP PM

An increasing number of companies are bringing up the need for SAP PM professionals. If you are in the look for career opportunities that are available in this field, they are large, and some of them are listed below. 

1. You get a lot of job opportunities with SAP PM. 

2. You can become an SAP PM Specialist in an organization. 

3. After taking this certification course of the SAP PM module, you become an SAP PM Professional.

4. You can become the Manager of a business, whether it's your personal business or an organization. 

5. You can become an SAP PM Expert, after completing this module and getting certified. 

6. You can become an SAP PM Functional Consultant for an organization. 

7. You can become a Team Leader in an organization and be responsible for managing plant maintenance. 

8. You can become a SAP PM Trainer. 

9. You can become a Senior SAP Expert commanding high pay. 

SAP PM Course Outline

SAP PM - Introduction

SAP PM - Overview

SAP PM - Technical Objects

SAP PM - Equipment Master Record

SAP PM - Creating Multilingual Text

SAP PM - Breakdown Maintenance

SAP PM - Corrective Maintenance

SAP PM - Creating/Planning MO

SAP PM - Preventive Maintenance

SAP PM - Maintenance Planning

SAP PM - Refurbishment Process

SAP PM - Warranty Claim Processing

SAP PM - Information System

SAP PM - Single & Composite Role

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