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SAP Scripts Course And Certification

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What is SAP Scripts?

SAP Script is the SAP Software System's own text-processing system. It comes with the looks and feels of other leading text-processing software systems. It is used to generate an already formatted text in pre-formatted forms.

To produce an output of documents by using the programming interface, SAP software application programs need a so-called layout set (which is a kind of form). In the SAP script, a layout set represents the layout of the individual print pages and it makes use of text elements to provide apparent output blocks, of which a print program can request. A layout set can be specified as a document or as page design.

The layout set on its own does not hold any data in it. The collection of data for the document is produced through the print program. The print program then selects the data from the database table and feeds it to the layout set. When the print program is run, the document is printed on the screen or printed out with the printer.

The SAP Script module is an object that is client dependent. Unlike other programs, modifications that are done to SAP script in one client will not be displayed in other clients.

SAP Script are used to produce well-formatted documents that can be made up of logos, tables, and other use case-specific formatting objects. And these documents can have the look of an already printed document that normal SAP ABAP codes cannot produce.

The layout set in SAP Scripts is a kind of software program which is used to output documents by using a programming interface. The layout set is used to define the layout of print pages and it makes use of text elements to supply the output block that can be directly referenced by a Print program.

The SAPscript tool of the SAP system can be used to develop and control business forms like invoices and purchase orders. The SAPscript tool offers numerous templates that help to simplify the designing and creation of a business form to a very great point.

The SAP system is offered with default SAPscript forms that are brought with the SAP standard client (often as client 000).

Features Of SAP Scripts

There are many features of SAP Scripts and some of them are:

1. SAP Script has an editor for entering and editing the lines of text that are automatically requested by application transactions.

2. SAP Scripts make use of an Invisible Composer to produce a text from an output device and to present several other formatting options for printing.

3. To include SAP Script components into your software application program, you would need to use a Software Programming Interface.

4. In SAP Scripts, you can use maintenance transactions to design styles and forms for print layout.

5. SAP Scripts makes use of a central database to store forms, texts and other styles for printing format.

Benefits Of Studying SAP Scripts

There are many benefits of SAP Scripts, and some of them are:

1. SAP Scripts has a capacity of print form as well as an interactive form.

2. SAP Scripts can be used as an offline or online interactive form to combine the outside business user into the internal business process.

3. SAP Scripts makes use of Adobe Life-Cycle Designer as a form designing tool and it is completely integrated into the SAP GUI tool.

4. With SAP Scripts, it is very easy to flexibly design a form by using a live-cycle designer which significantly reduces the time spent on design.

5. With SAP Scripts, a single interface can be used in several forms.

6. Job opportunities and career advancement.

7. Increases your earning potential.

SAP Scripts Course Outline

SAP Scripts - Introduction/Overview

SAP Scripts - Smart Forms

SAP Scripts - Form Painter

SAP Scripts - Layout Set

SAP Scripts - Print Program

SAP Scripts - Creating a Window

SAP Scripts - Output Area

SAP Scripts - Text Module

SAP Scripts - Grouping Text

SAP Scripts - Format Options

SAP Scripts - Output Types

SAP Scripts - Control Print Output

SAP Scripts - Data Formats

SAP Scripts - Export

SAP Scripts - Import

SAP Scripts - Control Tables

SAP Scripts - Text & Graphics

SAP Scripts - Control Commands

SAP Scripts - Copy Scripts

SAP Scripts - Standard Text

SAP Scripts - Word Processing

SAP Scripts - Create a Document

SAP Scripts - Update a Document

SAP Scripts - Find a Document

SAP Scripts - Save a Document

SAP Scripts - Delete a Document

SAP Scripts - Format Conversion

SAP Scripts - Raw Data Interface

SAP Scripts - Output Mode Spool

SAP Scripts - Output Mode IDOC

SAP Scripts - Video Lectures 

SAP Scripts - Exams and Certification

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