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What is SAP Simple Logistics?

SAP Simple Logistics is also referred to as SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Management tool and it is made up of all the key modules that are under the SAP ERP Business Suite, Supply Chain, Material Management, Demand Planning, Manufacturing, Sourcing and Procurement, and Contract Management.

The SAP Simple Logistics Enterprise Management tool have been developed by reintegrating various portions of SRM, SAP CRM, and SCM into this solution. SAP Simple Logistics Enterprise Management is accessible on-premise and also in the cloud. It is generally dependant on various licensing and subscription models. SAP Simple Logistics solution can be a Cloud solution or you can also turn it into an On-Premise system like the SAP ERP.

In the SAP Simple Logistic Enterprise Management tool, you can create a simplification agenda for better management and estimation. Using the Simplification list, you can define the functional capabilities of the individual transactions in the organization.

In SAP Simple Logistics, there is a change in the connection between the Bills of Material, Routings, and the various Production Versions. You can combine both the Bills of Material and the routing into one object and hence it streamlines the process of revision.

Features Of Sap Simple Logistics

The following are some of the key features of SAP Simple Logistics

1. Inventory Management: SAP Simple Logistics Enterprise Management provides users with a simplified data model which results in a very noticeable increase in the throughput and flexible analytics at the most granular level.

2. Procurement: With SAP Simple Logistics Enterprise Management, you can achieve increased efficiency in the process of 'Procure-To-Pay', new Analytical Apps, Integration of Ariba Network for PO Order and IV.

3. Material Requirements Planning: With the SAP Simple Logistics Enterprise Management Suite, you can perform a very fast MRP run and a new working model for controllers that are MRP based on decision support.

4. Order Management & Billing: Using SAP Simple Logistics Enterprise Management tool, you can perform an end-to-end order-to-cash process and take necessary action for unspecified exceptions, find out information on the exceptions to resolve the issues, find out better ways to lower the TCO that is due to the simplification of the data model, it also offers support for the most recent versions of various business features such as GTS Foreign Trade, FSCM Credit Management, SFIN Revenue Accounting, and more recent analytical capabilities.

5. SAP Simple Logistics is developed based on the new Fiori UX (user experience) which provides a better role-based integrated user experience.

6. SAP Simple Logistics can be linked to different applications in real-time to allow for the processing of realtime data and analysis.

7. SAP Simple Logistics runs on an in-memory HANA database that is used to provide simplifications, no indexes, no summed up values, and no redundancies.

8. SAP Simple Logistics provides users with the choice of deployment such as deployment on-premise, in the cloud, and Hybrid (both).

Benefits Of SAP Simple Logistics

1. Increased throughput: This is carried out by discarding data excesses and reducing the data footprint.

2. Reporting and analysis: Real-time analytics at the lowest level of granularity on basic transactional data is made possible without aggregates.

3. Scalable infrastructure: Well optimized system landscape and a reduced number of systems present customers with high performance at a lower total cost of ownership.

4. User experience: Increased business and user experience, and these are caused by the new and highly improved role-based User Interfaces and availability on various devices.

Career Opportunities in SAP Simple Logistics

An increasing number of companies are bringing up the need for SAP Simple Logistics professionals. If you are in the look for career opportunities that are available in this field, they are large, and some of them are listed below. 

1. You get a lot of job opportunities if you study SAP Simple Logistics. 

2. You become a SAP Simple Logistics Professional.

3. After taking this certification course of the SAP Simple Logistics module, you become a SAP Specialist and Consultant.

4. You can become SAP Simple Logistics Expert, after completing this module and getting certified.

5. You can become a Team Leader in any organization and be responsible for managing production planning and delivery. 

6. You can become SAP Simple Logistics Trainer.

7. You can become Senior SAP Simple Logistics Professional commanding high pay. 

SAP Simple Logistics Course Outline

SAP Simple Logistics - Overview

SAP Simple Logistics - Main Components

SAP Simple Logistics - Simplification Item

SAP Simple Logistics - Business Partner

SAP Simple Logistics - MIGO

SAP Simple Logistics - Check Simplification List

SAP Simple Logistics - SAP Fiori UX

SAP Simple Logistics - Deployment Types

SAP Simple Logistics - Supply Chain Planning

SAP Simple Logistics - Integrated Business Planning

SAP Simple Logistics - Create PIR

SAP Simple Logistics - MRP Procedures

SAP Simple Logistics - MRP Key Features

SAP Simple Logistics - Procurement Types

SAP Simple Logistics - Execute MRP Live

SAP Simple Logistics - Operational Procurement

SAP Simple Logistics - Invoice Management

SAP Simple Logistics - Contract Management

SAP Simple Logistics - Perform Procurement & Transfer Stock

SAP Simple Logistics - Manufacturing

SAP Simple Logistics - Execute Discrete Production

SAP Simple Logistics - Create a Business Partner

SAP Simple Logistics - Analyze Incoming Sales Orders

SAP Simple Logistics - Job Responsibilities

SAP Simple Logistics - Video Lectures

SAP Simple Logistics - Exams And Certification

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